Psalm 86:12 – With all my heart and passion I will thank you, my God! I will give glory to your name, always and forever!

Gratitude 710

Thank you. It’s a phrase that takes less than a second to say … yet can leave an impression with someone for hours and days.

When not said, we may notice immediately … and wonder, “Why?”

If there is one phrase that we should learn in multiple languages, this is the one.

“Thank you.”

Two simple words that can mean the world to someone. And give joy and happiness to a loved one. These two little words speak volumes and mountains when used and spoken and shared.

I’m convinced, they should be used over and over and over; every single day.

We take note when someone says, “Thank you.” Don’t we?

It’s amazing how one little phrase can make all the difference.

When “Thank You” Gets Used

Hubby Rick and I will often comment who or who does not use this phrase. We love it and are always impressed when young people easily express thanks and gratitude. It speaks so much to us when they do. Honestly – should we all be willing to show kindness and appreciation?

Often, the only way we can acknowledge and express our appreciation is with these two little words. It may be difficult or challenging to fully express gratitude to someone else. But this little phrase often has the ability to convey our appreciation.

Sometimes, I have been in the situation when someone does something for me and I am incapable of honestly repaying them for their kindness. While I feel “thank you” may be inadequate, it is so important that I say so.

And I pray that I do.

A Little Challenge for Today

This is my encouragement for you today: say “thank you” as often as you absolutely can today. Speak it. Text it. Write it. Message it. Whatever you can do to express gratitude, please do it.

Say “thank you” when someone helps you out. Calls you. Texts you. Does something big or little; fast or slow. Thank someone for listening or being there. Express gratitude for even the things you may not be crazy about, like very cold weather, or a temperamental car or friend. Even if you aren’t really sure you WANT to say, “thank you,” do it anyways, because, well you CAN.

And then, do it again tomorrow. Followed by the next day. Go for the day after that one. And on and on and on.

What Happens Next?

Then, after a few days or a few weeks, see what happens. How do you feel when you tell everyone around you, “Thank you?” Do people express more kindness and gratitude to you? Have you brought  a little joy into someone’s life because you expressed thanks? Where do you see something good in your life where previously, you were melancholier?

Here’s what I believe: the more we say, “thank you,” the more appreciative WE will be in our own lives. The more grateful we will be for what we have and who is a part of our lives. And I would even guess, the more we will hear “thank you” back.


Want a quick and easy way to express loving-kindness to those around you?

Tell them thank you. Today. Tomorrow. And the next day.

I hope you find joy with some of these books. If there is a book or two you think I should read this year, please let me know!

For the pleasure and joy of learning through reading, I am grateful.

See what happens.

Blessings –


P.S. – Please don’t forget to say “Thank you” to God as well. Today. Tomorrow. And the next day. And see what happens to your relationship with God. Maybe, just maybe you might feel and or see something different in your faith life. Try it out and let me know!

Lord God – While it may seem too easy and simple to say, “Thank you,” may we remember how we feel when someone expresses gratitude to us. May this encourage and challenge us to spread thanks and gratefulness to all we can around us. Amen.

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