1 Peter 5:7 – Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Gratitude 703

Every day, 22 veterans die by suicide in the United States. Often, these vets suffer from PTSD that is related to the time while they served their country. The anxiety, depression and stress is often overwhelming and vets struggle with finding ways to deal with it. For those who have not experienced PTSD, anxiety or depression, it is difficult to understand just how overwhelming these feelings are.

Brandon Ketchum was one of those vets who took his life. As a Marine, he served two tours of duty in Iraq. After he left the Marine, Brandon joined the National Guard and was injured while on a tour in Afghanistan. While the injuries were physical, they also became emotional which led to much pain and suffering. After suffering from PTSD for many years, Brandon took his life in 2016.

Ketchum’s Got Your Six is a non-profit organization that was formed and named after Brandon. The organization’s mission is to promote awareness and provide assistance for Wisconsin vets struggling with PTSD. The funds raised through Ketchum’s Got Your Six provide training for service dogs that are then made available to Wisconsin vets suffering from PTSD.

“Got Your Six” are code words for people serving in the military. It means, “I’ve got your back.” During WWI, fighter pilots began telling other pilots that they “got your six.” They were referencing the rear of an airplane as being in the six o’clock position. This saying has continued to have meaning in subsequent decades.

The organizers of Ketchum’s Got Your Six want to assist vets who are struggling with PTSD … and assure them that there are people available to help them, as well as service dogs. Service dogs are very helpful and comforting for vets dealing with PTSD. Ketchum’s Got Your Six is committed to helping provide service dogs and training to those who would benefit from one.  

This is Mark, a U.S. Army veteran. He certified his service day, Bucky” through the Owner Trainer Academy. Bucky helps Mark with mobility and is a PTS service dog for Mark.

We feel this organization has a well-needed mission. This is why we have chosen it as our Our Monthly Resolution non-profit organization for January 2022.

How does Our Monthly Resolution work?

  • It’s completely voluntary. We suggest those who desire to make a donation to a non-profit organization that we have selected. We pick a different organization each month.
  • How much should you donate? Your choice. We suggest $20 and know that some people are not able to contribute this much. Others donate more.
  • What if you do not live in Wisconsin? Yes, all the organizations that we select are from Wisconsin. And we know that you may not lives in Wisconsin. Please find an organization that you love their mission and make a donation to them.

Here is how you can support Ketchum’s Got Your Six:

Donate online: https://www.paypal.com/donate?token=VunnPDZr_wO-JhzKUTfeNzBb1moOlczP1n9clxNXWjlzLgP_dkhm8ykUzITYONwiYSlIeolKX4zXzm1b

Or go to their website, https://www.ketchumsgotyoursix.com/, and click on the “Donate” button.

Snail mail a donation: Jan Wirth, S3252 Buckhorn Rd., Reedsburg, WI  53959

If your employer will match a donation, the EIN number is 84-2453261.

In 2021, Our Monthly Resolution supported 12 different non-profit organizations. While it is difficult to know exactly how much money these organizations received, we are confident that at least $13,629.75 was donated on behalf of Our Monthly Resolution. We are so appreciative and thankful for the people who support our little group!  

Recently, I was asked if we will continue Our Monthly Resolution into 2022. YES, WE WILL! We are in the process of selecting 12 new organizations for this year. If you have a suggestion for us to consider, please let me know. We LOVE getting suggestions from people who are a part of Our Monthly Resolution.

When a person is struggling with PTSD, anxiety and/or depression, it may feel like there is no one there to walk with them. No place to cast their anxieties. I pray that through organizations like Ketchum’s Got Your Six, vets who feel very alone will find a safe place to get help and assistance. Let’s help them with this.

For the opportunity to assist those struggling with PTSD, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – My heart goes out to those people who are struggling with PTSD, anxiety and/or depression. My heart also goes to the families who have lost loved ones because the suffering and pain became too much. May organizations like Ketchum’s Got Your Six provide support and assistance to vets who are struggling. May we find a small way to encourage the work that they do. Amen.

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