Psalm 35:13 – I even prayed over them when they were sick. I was burdened and bowed low with fasting and interceded for their healing, and I didn’t stop praying.

Gratitude 682

We are all familiar with the “c” word: cancer.

We can all quickly make a list of those we know who have had some form of cancer; maybe even think of people we know right now who are going through treatment. This is why we feel our November Our Monthly Resolution organization is one that many of us will appreciate and want to support. And why we have chosen The Battle Cap Project for November.

The Battle Cap Project is such a unique and fantastic way to surround those going through cancer with an extra layer of support. Their mission is simple: help empower, inspire and encourage people battling cancer. But it’s their vision that makes them special. The Battle Cap Project folks want to make someone smile and feel special while going through a difficult time in their life by simply giving them a hat.

This is a Battle Cap. It’s designed to be worn inside and outside with comfort as it’s main objective. The caps are not too big nor too small because each hat is made specifically for it’s recipient. Every cap is unique and special, made from the softest yarn with vibrant colors and a pattern specific only to the Battle Cap Foundation. Because of all this extra care, cancer patients discover that their hat hits them perfectly and looks great on them as well!

Kurt is the person behind the Battle Cap Project. He lost his father to cancer in 2006 and spent years searching for a way to help others battling cancer. Kurt’s journey is unusual. After fighting substance abuse for 10 years, he was incarcerated. This was where his recovery path began. In prison, Kurt taught himself to crochet. He donated hats and other items he made while in jail to church programs.

In 2018, a friend requested a soft hat for her cousin who was going through cancer. This hat began The Battle Cap Project. Kurt feels making these hats is his calling. The hats are free to anyone going through cancer. The Battle Cap Project evolved into putting together Battle Kits for cancer patients. Since 2018, over 1,600 kits and hats have been sent to 49 states and 22 countries. All caps and kits are provided free of charge to cancer patients.

When my friend Stacie and I pick organizations to support through Our Monthly Resolution, we like to select non-profit organizations that are not huge but have a very important and special way that they reach people in need. We prefer what I call “mom and pop” non-profit organizations: small groups that run on a shoe-string budget but make a huge impact.

This is exactly what The Battle Cap Project is.

Will you join us in supporting them in November?

Here’s how you can:

Make a donation online:

Send a donation to:

The Battle Cap Project, 1417 Prairie Rd., Madison, WI  53711

Provide yarn from Premier Yarn:

Make cards for the kits:

They accept handmade get well cards made by children or adults. Please make them 5×7” and mail to: The Battle Cap Project, 1417 Prairie Rd., Madison, WI  53711

Make Caps: Scroll down on this link to where directions are provided.

Purchase items that are included in their Battle Kits:

To apply for a matching gift from an employer, please use this EIN Number: 84-4317442.

You can request a hat for someone going through cancer at this link:

Each Battle Kit costs $30. Wouldn’t it be great if we raised enough funds to provide The Battle Cap Project with the resources for 75 kits? Let’s make this our goal for November!

We LOVE the ministry and work that Kurt is doing through The Battle Cap Project. And we hope you feel the same way. Together, let’s overwhelm this non-profit organization with lots of resources for the rest of 2021!

Healing can happen many different ways for people. I’m confident that for those who have received a battle cap, this little hat has made a difference and provided some healing for them. May we lift up in prayer those struggling with cancer right now … and life up this organization who desperately wants to support thoughts going through cancer.

We thank you for being a part of our little mission group. We appreciate everyone who supports and participates in Our Monthly Resolution.

For the unique mission project of The Battle Cap Project, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – We thank you for The Battle Cap Project and all the great work they are doing to support cancer patients. May we find encouragement in our hearts to support their mission and vision and help them provide kits for more folks affected by cancer. We pray our little efforts will provide healing for those struggling with cancer. Amen.

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