Psalm 106:2 – No one can praise you enough for all of the mighty things you have done.

Gratitude Day 671

There is one thing you REALLY should do today.

Just one thing.

No, it’s not eat breakfast or lunch or dinner. It’s not read your Bible or exercise. It’s not even brush your teeth, although you want to consider this.

It’s totally different.

Here’s the one thing I think you should do today:

Go outside. Pick one living item. It can be a flower. It can be a branch. It can be a stem of an herb. Anything thing that is simply alive. Bring it in your house. Put it in a vase, a glass, any container with a little water in the bottom.

And breathe.

If you have followed me for a hot minute, you may have heard me say before how much I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house. Seriously, they change my attitude. When I walk into the house and see their smiling faces gracing my counter or island, my blood pressure lowers. A smile creeps across my face. Joy fills my heart.

Just last weekend, I was at my 89-year-old neighbor’s house, talking about how fresh flowers make such a difference in our attitudes. We agreed that this one little thing really makes a difference.

If you aren’t sure, please try it. You just might become a convert as well.

We’ve had a week of gorgeous fall weather. Mid-70’s temps. Mostly sunny days. Sometimes a soft breeze. Cool mornings that have a definite taste of fall.

All this has contributed to amazing fall flowers in our garden and yard right now.

And I’ve been hauling them inside like crazy.

The sedum, zinnias and hydrangeas all make my heart so happy. Just a few here and some more there and wow! What a difference my house feels.

When I pick herbs for cooking, I often clip a few extra, put them in a glass with some water and let their fragrance fill the air.

It is so lovely. And beautiful.

So, please accept my challenge of doing this one thing today. Walk outside with a scissors in your hand. Find a flower or a leavy branch or an herb that makes your heart do a flip-flop. And cut it. Can’t find anything in your yard? Walk a little further until you see something that is terribly cute and precious. Clip it off. Take it home. Put it in fresh water. And breathe.

Then, put your container with some living item in it in a spot where you will see it regularly. Throughout the day. A place that is easy to see and a location you often walk by. See how many times you catch yourself looking at it throughout the day. And take note of how you feel.

Believe me; you will notice a difference. Well, at least I do. And I pray you do as well.

Give yourself the pleasure and joy of enjoying something from the out-of-doors inside your house. And see what happens.

I know that I spend too much time inside. When Hubby Rick leaves for work, he often encourages me to “get outside and enjoy the beautiful day.” I have spent time outside this summer. I run outside several times a week and drink all the goodness of being outdoor then.

And I miss seeing those things outside when I’m inside. The easiest way to fix this? Bring some of them inside.

It doesn’t have to be a full vase. Or fancy anything. It can be as simple as a lone branch from a tree that hangs out in a cool shaped vase or jar.

It’s this simple. And yet, this profound.

Try it. You can skip lunch ONLY if you bring in something from the yard. Actually, you can clip and put it in a jar or vase in just a couple of minutes AND still have time to eat.

And gaze at your living item inside the house while eating. It will be a great way to start the afternoon.

For the joy of a single living thing, I am grateful.

Blessings –


P.S. – For even more joy, take a living thing from outdoors to a neighbor or friend. Pass this joy along to them!

Almighty God – life often gets full and busy and we get distracted from the beauty around us. Inspire me to go find something that I can bring inside and let its joy fill my heart. Amen.

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