Gratitude Day 662

John 11:25 – Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me will have life even if they die.

I looked out the kitchen window recently … and noticed they were blooming.

The resurrection lilies. Their bright pinkish-purple faces were just waiting for someone to say, “You certainly are beautiful.”

And so, I told them so.

Resurrection lilies are unique. The green part of the plant comes up early spring. The long, green leaves arrive earlier than most plants. They grow quickly and then, suddenly, they stop growing. The leaves wilt down and look like they die.

But the plant doesn’t. In early August, these pretty little ladies show up: tall, flowers with no leaves. But petals that quietly bellow amongst the other flowers.

When we moved to the first house that Hubby Rick and I owned, I discovered some resurrection lilies growing in our yard. I wasn’t familiar with them but other ladies in the church community were well-versed. While these lilies are called other names, I prefer “resurrection lily.” I love how they die … and come back to life. Just about the time you think they won’t be back; they suddenly appear and demand a little applause.

It’s kind of like the story of Lazarus. He and his two sisters, Martha and Mary, were dear friends of Jesus. Unexpectedly, Lazarus got sick. Notice was sent to Jesus, who was away. But rather than rushing right back to Lazarus, Jesus waited. And waited. Three whole days he waited.

By the time Jesus gets to the village, Lazarus’ body has already been in a tomb. Mourners and family and friends were trying to grapple with loosing their dear friend. When Jesus finally arrived, he was so touched by the scene, that he actually cried.

No one understood why Jesus wanted the tomb opened up and the stone rolled away. But Jesus insisted on doing so. Out walked Lazarus, very much alive and ready to greet his dear friend, Jesus.

Dead and back to live. Just like the lilies. Just like Lazarus. Just like Jesus a few days later. Everyone was convinced death was all around them. But they were mistaken. It’s a little foretaste of what would happen, although most people didn’t realize what Jesus was talking about.

Just to make sure the folks around Lazarus’  tomb get the picture, Jesus makes a bold statement: “I am the resurrection and the life. If you believe this, you will never die but always live.”

It’s a bold statement. One most people probably did not realize that Jesus would literally fulfill in a few days. Before life can begin, sometimes, death is involved. There’s a blank period of time before the beauty irrupts and screams for attention. We either choose to honor and love this new phase … or get frustrated with the waiting period.

When we wait, the reward is oh, so worth it.

I don’t know what challenging period you might be going through in your life right now. If it’s a big one or just an inconvenience. Keep plugging along. The day will come when there will be some kind of beauty. It may be small and little. It maybe just waiting for someone to notice it. But it will come, if we are patience enough.

Resurrection lilies. These pretty ladies that bright every August. I pray the confidence of Jesus being the resurrection and life for you is even more meaningful.

For the pretty lilies in our yard right now, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – Thank you for these resurrection lilies and how they live and die. I pray they will be a reminder of just how often bleakness arrives before something good and beautiful shows up. Amen.

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