Gratitude Day 651

Luke 12:22-23 – Jesus taught his disciples, saying, “Listen to me. Never let anxiety enter your hearts. Never worry about any of your needs, such as food or clothing. 23 For your life is infinitely more than just the food you eat or the clothing you wear.

I have stood in my closet thousands of times and thought to myself, “I have nothing to wear.” It has never been because a lack of clothing. No, it’s because I thought nothing fit me right or was appropriate or I just could not find anything that made me feel good about myself.

My closet is constantly full and provides lots of options; even if I do not like any of those options.

Honestly, I do not remember ever being in a situation where I had absolutely NOTHING to wear. I have always had something, even if I was not completely thrilled about the outfit.

Yet, there are people who look at available clothing options and realize that they truly don’t have anything to wear because they just do not have much clothing.

For most of us, the experience of not having literal pieces of clothing is only something we have heard about or read about. It is not something we have personally experienced. We have clothing in our closets and drawers. Often, we have too many choices and feel overwhelmed in picking out something to wear because we have too many options.

Believe if or not, there ARE people who literally have very few articles of clothing. The options they have maybe worn and torn or not the right size.

This is why for the July Our Monthly Resolution, we have chosen an organization that provides clothing to those in need. Luke’s Closet is based in Middleton, WI. They serves foster, adoptive and kinship care children from birth through age 18 years. This not-for-profit organization operates through St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Middleton, WI.  

When children as in transition, life can be overwhelming. Luke’s Closet provides basic items, such as clothing and hygiene products, to these children. It removes one more thing that the adults in the situation must make sure are taken care of. This encourages adults to focus more on building relationships with the kids than covering basic needs.

Luke’s Closet likes to donate 5 to 7 items for person in need. Items can be picked up a variety of ways. They are also always looking for volunteers!

In August, students will be planning on returning to school. Students feel more confident about themselves when they have sufficient clothing. We’re hoping that if Our Monthly Resolution donates in August, then Luke’s Closet will have additional resources to provide clothing to school-aged children at the beginning of the school year.

Whether we have experienced not having enough clothing or not, I pray that the needs of an organization like Luke’s Closet will help fill the gaps.

Please donate an amount that you feel comfortable with. While we suggest $20/month, some can give more. Some give less. We appreciate every donation. As you make your donation, please indicate “Our Monthly Resolution” with the donation.

​​Luke’s Closet provides a variety of ways to contribute:

Donate online:

Shop their Target wish list:

Donate nearly new clothing:

For most of us, we have not experienced the challenge of not having clothing. I pray that we can be compassionate to those who have this need. May we see this as a great ministry in providing basic needs to those around us.

For the ability to share with others, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – my heart goes out to the students who does not have enough clothing. Thank you for ministries like Luke’s Closet. We pray that the resources they and other similar organizations share will make a different in the lives of those who do have needs. Amen.

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