Gratitude Day 649

Psalm 81:4 – For God has given us these seasons of joy, days that the God of Jacob decreed for us to celebrate and rejoice.

Hello Friends –

I talk about a lot of different things on this blog. And I always appreciate when someone reads along. Seriously. Today’s blog is one of those that I hope you will read and maybe spur you to action.

About a year ago, I put out a request for some help. You guys showed up! You knocked it out of the ballpark, in fact!

So, I’m circling back around again this year and asking for your help.

My Aunt Beverly turned 90 last July. Because of the pandemic, her planned birthday party was canceled. I asked if 90 of my friends would send her a birthday card for her 90th birthday. She was overwhelmed with over 120 birthday cards!

Aunt Beverly lives in Denver in an assisted living facility. Because of the pandemic, for months, residents stayed in their rooms. Ate in their rooms. All activities were cancelled. Slowly, residents have been allowed to participate in things outside of their rooms. It’s been at a slow a cautious pace, trying to keep people healthy.

Recently, Aunt Beverly ended up in the hospital. She is now in a rehab facility for a short time with the plan that she will return to the assisted living. It’s been a frustrating year for her. Along with not feeling great recently, she just seems down in the dumps.

Hubby Rick and I are planning on visiting her shortly before her 91st birthday. Two other cousins will also be in Denver at the same time to celebrate her birthday. My request: would some of you, my friends, please send her a birthday card in advance of our visit? Maybe these cards will cheer her up? Bring a little joy into her life? Put a smile back on her face?

Last year, she absolutely LOVED every card and note that you sent her. She showed me the stacks of cards with complete joy on her face. She’s read through the cards over and over, impressed that so many of you would simply send her a birthday card.

So, I’m requesting a do-over.  How about 91 cards for Aunt Beverly’s birthday? Can we do it?

Here’s her address:

Aunt Beverly Anderson

10200 East Harvard Ave Apt 200

Denver, CO  90231

Hubby Rick and I will be arriving in Denver on July 8th. Her actual birthday is July 17th. If the cards can arrive before we do, great! Having some more arrive before her birthday will be just as special.

It’s been a tough year for people like my Aunt Beverly. She is not the only one who has found these past months difficult. As you make out a card for Aunt Beverly, maybe think of another person you could send a “Thinking of You” card to that maybe in a similar situation. Never underestimate the power of a simple card. I know for Aunt Beverly; every card was special and meaningful.

Thanks for helping with Celebrating Aunt Beverly Round 2. I invite you to ask one of your friends to send two cards out as well: one for Aunt Beverly and one to another friend. I’ll keep you posted on how this turns out.

For the possibility of cheering up another person, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – The past number of months have been so difficult for so many people. And while things are opening up, the lingering effects of the pandemic are real. May we all find a little way to bring even a minute of joy to someone who is struggling right now. Help us remember that a few minutes of our time can mean the world to someone else. Amen.

If you have enjoyed this blog, please pass it along to someone else who will also enjoy it.

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