Gratitude Day 645

Psalm 127:3 – Children are God’s love-gift; they are heaven’s generous reward.

It’s not too often that I struggle for an appropriate response in normal, every-day life.

But it happens.

More frequently than one might expect.

Recently, I recalled the various “interesting” comments the young people in our lives have said to us. Yes, these are totally innocent statements that pack a punch. Maybe you might find a chuckle or two here.

“Grandpa, what was it like when the dinosaurs were alive?”

This is probably my all-time favorite. Our youngest grandson was snuggled up next to Rick on the couch and the words simply rolled out of his mouth. Yes, he was DEAD. SERIOUS. Hubby Rick was less than amused. He stumbled around for a response but didn’t come up with a particularly good one later. This was apparent when about six weeks later, the same grandson repeated the question again, just as serious as the first time. Hubby Rick had no more appropriate answer this time as well.

“Why are your arms so flabby, Dianne?”

 So, yes, I took offense to this one. I have been lifting weights of late and was feeling like maybe I’ve made a little progress? Only to have this completely shot down by the same youngest grandson as he jiggled my triceps. (That’s the skin/fat/muscle on the bottom side of your bicep.) He wasn’t impressed with my slightly defined bicep. He could only see the flabby part below the bicep. When I tried to impress him with my “guns,” (i.e. – biceps), he quickly showed me his guns. He’s 9 and his bicep it about the size of a half-dollar coin. While he’d like to think there’s a big gun in there, I’m not so sure. But he’s very sure about my flabby triceps.

“Dianne, you need to floss your teeth more.”

 I do not make this stuff up. I was sitting awfully close to this grandson in the car. We were more than squished in. He and I were having a lovely conversation. He’d drape his arm across my shoulders and touch me. There was little person space between us when he noticed my gums. When I asked how often he brushes his teeth (which is a chore that I know well with him), he diverted back to my gums that need more flossing. He’s figured out the divert method well for his age.

Pointing to my wedding rings, “Can I wear your rings?”

I’m not quite sure what the alure of wearing my wedding rings seemed to be. There was a solid no response to this question. He did know that Hubby Rick had given me the rings. I assured him that I am the only person who wears these rings. End. Of. Story.

“Dad won’t care.”

This is one of those statements that can open up a whole can of worms, if we are not careful. My response? Since Dad isn’t present, we’ll go with what I think is best. Not always the most popular response, but the one that I would want someone to say if I were the parent.

“I love you.”

Gets you every time. I grew up in a household where sharing these words was not common until I was well into adulthood. As Hubby Rick and I often hear the younger people in our lives say these words, he know this IS the right comfort level for feeling comfortable in saying this. Yes, we are aware that a day will come with saying these words will probably not be as cool. That’s why we’re appreciating the comfort level in saying them now. This could change any moment.

Why are these sayings so fun? Because they make us laugh. Seriously. Laughing is appropriate, helpful and such a good stress reliever. Try it. Laughter just might put a spring into your step.

I’m confident that you have a truckload of fun and entertaining sayings that some person has said to you recently. Please post the latest comment in the comment section below. I CAN’T WAIT to read them!

For the gift of humor and embracing it in our lives, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Almighty God – Sometimes, we’re too serious and a little humor helps us let our guard down. At times, we may be taken aback by someone’s honesty. May we grow to appreciate the little sayings that we hear in our lives. May these words lighten our day. Amen.

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