Gratitude Day 641

Psalm 119:130 – Break open your Word within me until revelation-light shines out! Those with open hearts are given insight into your plans.

We have completely opened our doors to summer at the Vielhuber household.

And at least one of us rejoices daily.

Seriously. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Nary a day goes by without Hubby Rick saying, “I LOVE THE SUMMER!” Yes, he seriously says it that enthusiastically. The hotter, the better. The higher the humidity, the better. While most of the rest of Wisconsin will be groaning the next few days as we have multiple 90+ degree days in a row, Rick will be signing its praises all day and night long.

Please forgive him if you see him. He’s the one who will be sweating profusely and loving every second of it.

For him, there will never be too many summer days or pool days or biking riding days (pedal or gas-powered.) These are the days he lives for. We are fully embracing every moment of summer which we have declared officially began whether the calendar says so or not.

This means we’re throwing open every opportunity to love these sun-soaked days. Whether you fully embrace the heat and humidity or not, I pray that you will create ways to open every day of summer in ways that create special memories that will carry us through those colder winter months.

Here are a few ways we are opening our lives to summer this year.

Open up the day with a summer morning routine.

Do you have a way that you begin your day? Things that you do at the beginning of the day that helps set the tone for the rest of the day?

I do.  And my routine gets slighted adjusted with summer. Yes, I still begin the day with a quick prayer in bed before me feet the ground. Soon, I make my way downstairs to begin the coffee pot. From here, the routine has gotten shaken up just a bit.  

While waiting for coffee, I love to open the doors and let the morning air into the house. I water the flower baskets and pots that are not exposed to the natural elements to keep them fresh and fun. I walk through the house and smile because it is good to begin the day this way.

And then, I pour a cup of coffee and take time to get my heart and mind right with God and myself.

The pre-coffee routine takes just a few minutes. While it can be quick and fast, I love to linger by the begonias and the geraniums and drink in these little plants that bring me so much happiness. I breathe deep the fresh air and celebrate the rain if it is there. These little things are simply a great way to open the day.

Open the outside into the inside of your house.

My love language is fresh flowers.


They don’t have to be store-bought. They just have to smile.

If you see a person cutting flowers in the road ditch this summer, it’s probably me.

It goes like this: I see pretty flowers while running. Later, I go back with a scissors and cut a handful of those beauts. I add in some fresh greens from our backyard. Put everything in a pretty vase and you are good to go. Enjoy for as long as they look nice.

If you don’t have a pretty vase, use something you already have. They will look stunning as well. As much as I love the potted flowers on our porch, flowers in a vase inside the house just make a nice statement. Keep it simple. Do not overthink. Enjoy.

Open up yourself to worship this summer.

It’s been a tough 18 months for organized religion. Most churches went online for worship, at least for a while. Churches are getting back into the swing of things … but it’s taking time.

Some people LOVE being back in worship. Others remain quite comfortable staying at home and worshiping in their pj’s.

Believe it or not, God does not take a vacation in the summer. Ever. God keeps showing up in our lives, day after day, even if we’re not sure God does. Sometimes, we just aren’t looking for God or miss God or attribute it to something else.

God shows up and is with us every day.

Can we be open to showing up with God every day? If only for a little bit?  

Often, people say they don’t think God speaks to them. Or is with them. When we do not take the time or make the effort to look for God, it’s more difficult to see and hear God. It’s never God who moves. It’s us who takes steps away from seeing and hearing God.

Let’s keep ourselves open to God this summer. Maybe nothing earth-shattering will happen And, this is OK. But maybe, just maybe some little thing will happen that will shift your perspective and insight. At minimum, nurturing this relationship will yield some great things this summer. But it begins with being open and ready to hear/see/know God.

How can you open up your heart, home and life to God this summer? How might you find a way to truly open up yourself during this special time of the year?

Thanks for going along on this little summer tour this year. I hope you’ll take this journey in your own life.

For a season to enjoy new things, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – As we move into the summer months of the year, may we drink them in and celebrate this season. Encourage us to worship with You all summer long. Amen.

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