Gratitude Day 627

Psalm 31:7 – In mercy you have seen my troubles, and you have cared for me; even during this crisis in my soul I will be radiant with joy, filled with praise for your love and mercy.

It’s the first week of May and time to announce our May selection for Our Monthly Resolution!!

In case you’ve not followed this previously: Our Monthly Resolution is a little group for people who are interested in working together to make small differences in people’s lives. Each month, my friend Stacie and I pick a non-profit organization from the state of Wisconsin. We encourage those who are interested in donating to this organization during the month.

We’ve had fantastic feedback. Please know that every little and big donation makes a difference!

Our May organization: Faith Hope & Love which focuses on supporting children in crisis. Based in Racine, WI, Faith Hope & Love shares this mission on their website:

Our goal is to build Faith Hope & Love in the lives of children in crisis through our Duffels for Kids, BlastPacks, Sensory Bags for those with autism, New Beginnings, Back to School, Operation Christmas Cheer and Birthday Club programs across Southeastern Wisconsin, in an effort to reach as many children in crisis situations as possible. 

Each of the projects listed above is something they do for kids in crisis. The organization has a heart for children and love to partner with those who feel the same way. Faith, Hope & Love is committed to assisting foster children and children in crisis. They feel the need for the programs they offer continues to grow. They are committed to closing the gaps, so no child is without basic health and wellness needs.

The best way to understand what this organization does is to watch this video:

Stacie and I feel Faith Hope & Love is the type of organization we want to support. We love supporting smaller organizations have low overhead costs. This means your donation will honestly go to making a difference.

Here’s some way a donation to Faith Hope & Love would make a difference:

  • $25 dollars can provide a Duffels for Kids bag for a child displaced from their home due to abuse, neglect or a tragedy
  • $25 can provide BlastPacks for children visiting their parents who are incarcerated
  • $85 provides one New Beginnings bag for children recovered from human trafficking

We hope that you will partner with us and support Faith Hope & Love during May. Here’s how you can donate:

Donate online through PayPal:

Mail a donation to them at: Faith Hope & Love, 740 College Ave, Racine, WI  53403

Purchase items from their Amazon wish list:

Some employers may match an employee’s gift. Here is Faith Hope & Love’s EIN: 46-3848797. You can also check them out at:

Any donation is wonderful. We encourage folks to make a $20 donation but please give what your heart feels is right.

PLEASE indicate that your donation is part of the Our Monthly Resolution. We’re trying to track all donations made by our little group!

If you have not joined our Facebook group, please do so. It’s under Our Monthly Resolution.

A child cannot control when it gets into a crisis situation. We cannot prevent the situations BUT we can aid these kids who find themselves in crisis through organizations such as Faith Hope & Love.

Again, we appreciate everyone’s participation in our group. Together, we’re making a difference!

For little treasures in our lives that bring back special memories, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – We lift up those kids who have recently found themselves in the middle of a crisis. We don’t know their needs, but You do. May we discover ways that we can support kids in crisis. May our actions reflect your mercy and grace. Amen.

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