Gratitude Day 623

1 Timothy 4:4 – We know that all creation is beautiful to God and there is nothing to be refused if it is received with gratitude.

Spring is a beautiful time to enjoy creation.

It’s not too hot. Hopefully not too cool. Early flowers are bursting forth.

And it’s a great way to step back from the demands of life and simply BE.

Walk. Look. Hear.

Drink in the world around you and let your mind and heart take a break.

Nature is a place to slow down. Reflect. Be.

Hubby Rick and I spent some time on Saturday doing just this.

It was good for our souls. Our brains. Our hearts.

At times, there wasn’t really a path. And it was OK.

We kept our feet mostly dry.

And our hearts slowly filled.

It was a good place to be. See. Hear. Enjoy.

I pray that you will find places and spots to be this spring.

You deserve it.

And it allows you an opportunity to be impressed with the Creator.


For opportunities to fully drink in Your creation, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – I am amazed at how you orchestrated the creation around us. How can you allow for certain things to be formed? I am so impressed. As spring comes forth, may I plan and enjoy time out in Your creation. Amen.

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