Gratitude Day 567

Wed., Feb. 19, 2021

Proverbs 28:25b – But when you rely totally on God, you will still act carefully and prudently.

I love a good book. Throughout this past year when our ability to have regular in-person contact has been more limited, I have discovered that books are some of my new best friends. For me, books are more than entertainment. Yes, they are often the source of information and knowledge. When I want to learn more about something, my go-to way to do this is by devouring a book or two on the topic. I also love a good story, fiction or non-fiction. One that speaks to me so much that I want to turn the page and dig deeper into the characters, story lines and see what happens next.

Books also bring me comfort. When I feel alone or isolated or unsure about something, it is easy for me to escape to a place where I feel a little lost from whatever ails me at the time. The words on a page allow me to forget or ignore the challenges I may be feeling at the moment. And for this, I am so very thankful.

Now imagine being a child and witnessing a terrible situation. Or knowing that something awful happened, even if you aren’t fully aware of the details. As a child, you aren’t quite sure how to process all this information. The adults who are there with you probably can’t either. It is so easy for little people to internalize the situation and begin to feel and think they are part of the problem, even when they are not.

This is exactly the reason why an organization called REACH-A-CHILD was started. At times, children find themselves in difficult and unexpected situations, not because of their choices, but for a variety of reasons. This is where REACH-A-CHILD steps in and helps out.

REACH-A-CHILD’s mission is to help first responders comfort children-in-crisis by sharing with them a book. Whether the children are in an automobile accident, victims of domestic disturbance or temporarily homeless, REACH-A-CHILD wants to help First Responders engage these children in a positive way through the power of a book. REACH-A-CHILD provides children’s books and drawstring backpacks to First Responders around Wisconsin so they can comfort children who are in crisis situations. Bags and books aren’t sold to First Responders. REACH-A-CHILD makes them available to local communities because there often are not funds available for groups to purchase them.

In January, my friend Stacie and I began a group called One Monthly Resolution. We’re inviting folks to join us in supporting one non-profit organization a month. We believe when a group of people come together and make small contributions to folks in need, together, we can make a difference. For the month of February, we’d like you to consider donate to REACH-A-CHILD as our One Monthly Resolution February non-profit organization.

There are a variety of ways you can support REACH-A-CHILD:

Donate online via their website:

Please indicate your donation is part of One Monthly Resolution.

Purchase books from REACH-A-CHILD’S Amazon wish list:

Yes, these are Spanish books because currently, this is their largest need for books.

Support a first responder and provide them a backpack with books that they can have in their vehicle:

It costs $150 to sponsor the first responder of your choice. Maybe ask friends and family to join together with you and pick someone you know to be a part of this program.

Purchase a REACH-A-CHILD puzzle:

This 300-piece puzzle is for adults and children. They are $15 each and 100% of the funds are donated to REACH-A-CHILD. The above link provides locations where the puzzle can be purchased. One Monthly Resolution has partnered with Arcadia Books in Spring Green, WI who will also have the puzzles available as part of One Monthly Resolution during February! You can purchase a puzzle there and mention this is part of One Monthly Resolution!

Every person who participates in One Monthly Resolution makes their own decision about the level of contribution to make. We suggest $20/month but know that any donation is greatly appreciated.

Please share your experiences and stories about donating to REACH-A-CHILD this month. We’re excited to make an impact with this worthy organization. We’re convinced that together, we can provide books to children who need comfort. Think of a donation to REACH-A-CHILD as a blanket of comfort going to kids through the pages of a book. I’m excited to see together how many books and backpacks we can provide REACH-A-CHILD.

For comfort that comes through the guise of a book, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Merciful God – Unfortunately, there are situations where children are stuck in a place where they are confused, challenged and scared. Thank you for the REACH-A-CHILD organization and their mission to bring comfort to kids who find themselves in upsetting situations. We pray that the books and backpacks we can help provide will become witnesses of grace and comfort to those who receive them. Amen.

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