Gratitude Day 539

Tues., Dec. 1, 2020

Luke 1:3 – But now I am passing on to you this accurate compilation of my own meticulous investigation based on numerous eyewitness interviews and thorough research of the story of his life.

We say we want Advent … but do we really?

We yearn for meaning in our daily lives … but are we willing to take extra steps to explore this with God?

Today is December 1st. Counting today, there are 24 days until Christmas! Twenty-four days to prepare and ponder our place in God’s kingdom.

Here’s a suggestion for how we might do this together. In Luke’s Gospel, there are 24 chapters. Let’s read a chapter a day together from now until Christmas … and see what we discover in Luke’s Gospel about Jesus’ life. What made Jesus different? Why was it necessary and important for the Son of God to come to this world? What difference does this single event mean for me today?

Luke’s gospel is a great account of Jesus’ life to read during Advent. It includes accounts of the early life of Jesus, including the birth narrative. We hear about the first visitors and a little bit about Jesus’ life before he began his public ministry.

Written by a man who tells us that he did the research to discover for himself who Jesus was, the author then shares his findings for all the world to read. See. Experience. In Luke’s Gospel, the life of ministry of Jesus is available for ALL. He doesn’t discriminate slaves and women and people with incurable disease. No, Jesus welcomes everyone into his life and even specifically seeks out those who were often considered “untouchable.” Jesus isn’t intimidated by this. No, he welcomes them in everyway possible.

In a day and age when we look for ways to separate ourselves from others all too often, may we see Jesus’ great lesson for us today. Let’s focus on the small one or two things we hold in common rather than the letting where we don’t agree become the basis of our relationship.

So, let’s journey together. Let’s read one chapter of Luke’s gospel every day between now and Christmas Eve. Let’s see what speaks to us. Let’s see what we forgot. Let’s see how the story of Christmas ties into the rest of Jesus’ life … and thus, our lives as well.

For stories of Jesus’ life to read this Advent, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – Thank you for the stories that folks wrote thousands of years for our benefit. Together, let’s read the 24 chapters of Luke’s gospel and see this story from the perspective of the Christmas story being such an important part of this record.  Amen.

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