Gratitude Day 521

Mon., Oct. 12, 2020

Isaiah 34:4 – At that time the heavens above will melt away and disappear just like a rolled-up scroll, and the stars will fall as leaves, as ripe fruit from the trees.

Refreshing your mind and soul is SO. IMPORTANT.

This fall, Hubby Rick and I have spent many Saturday afternoon’s taking in nature. Hiking. Walking. Biking. Enjoying outdoors. Letting our souls breathe. Drink in nature. Enjoy.

Here are a few photos from our hike on Saturday. I’m not a professional photographer, mind you. The photos do not do justice to what our eyes observed. What I simply encourage you to do it look carefully at each photo. Look for the details. Notice the various colors. Pick a favorite area of the photo and think about why you are drawn to this spot.

We all need a few minutes to simply drink in the gorgeous world around us. I hope you are doing so these days. At minimum, drink in these photos. Make them your moments of Sabbath and peace and rest today.

For a God that designed a wonderful creation, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – It is amazing to think that you created deciduous trees so that in the fall, their leaves would turn beautiful golden colors before falling off the branches that have nurtured them this growing season. As we see the colors this fall, may they take our breath away. Amen.

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