Gratitude Day 505

Wed., Sept. 2, 2020

Holy God –

The mornings are a bit chillier and the sun sets earlier.

The crunch of the leaves under our feet and the drying of the crops are clearly signs that another season is closing and a new one approaching.

It’s a season in which so many things discover hibernation while others simply die.

While these signs of the closing in of fall help us think of warm fall scents and smells and tastes, we are also acutely aware of the challenges that are such a part of our daily lives. Whether we have been directly affected by the shifts and changes in our society, we know these times may change what we consider “normal” for good.

And this can scare us.

Breed fear into us.

Make us yearn for more normal times all the more.

And yet, this is also where we can discover fully what it means to have faith in You.

For when we come to You with our heavy hearts, they become lighter. Easier. More manageable.

May this be our first line of reaction … rather than our last. May we embrace You in ways that surprise and amaze us. May we discover new ways to look at old situations and discover hope.

Hope for today. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for situations that seem too big to fix.

You are the one who can orchestrate this and so much more. Thank you, almighty God. Amen.

For the blessing of a prayer, I am thankful.

Blessings –


Holy God – Accept my prayer. Help me make it mine. Amen.  

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