Gratitude Day 501

Mon., Aug. 24, 2020

Proverbs 15:14 – A wise man is hungry for truth, while the mocker feeds on trash.

They were literally busy as bees.

I LOVE hydrangeas. Well, I love most flowers but there are a few that top the list. Hydrangeas are one of them. I’ve long waited for our hydrangea bushes to be in bloom. And FINALLY, they ARE.

One of my guilty pleasures is having fresh flowers on our kitchen island. When I walk into the kitchen in the morning to begin a pot of coffee, my heart just smiles when I see fresh flowers greeting me.

When the hydrangeas made their glorious appearance, of course, I longed for a bouquet of them to grace the kitchen.

Clippers in hand, I went to go cut a few springs. And this is what I found:

Busy bees. Busy insects. Busy, busy busy guys and gals drinking in the nectar from the hydrangeas.

Not one or two. But hundreds of little insects going about their business with nary another care in the world. They were so focused and so intent on their business, I’m not sure they even realized that I was there observing them. They certainly did not let my presence distract or stop them.

They just kept going and going.

Drinking and drinking.

Doing their job and doing their job.

I felt a little like I was invading their space. Joining their sanctuary, not quite invited. Certainly, my presence didn’t slow them down or halt their activity. They were laser focused on going about their bees-ness.

As I chose which springs to snip, making sure that I was not interfering with their activity, I was humbled by their intentness. Their focus. Their commitment. They knew their job, and this was their priority.

 Such a wild contrast for me these past few months. In the midst of all that’s going on in the world right now, I often feel distracted. Unfocused. Lacking clarity. While I KNOW and BELIEVE some very basic things, my focus has not been laser-like, nor my attention fully committed.

Quite unlike these insects and bees and busy bodies.

Yes, we need time to step back and refocus. Yes, we go through transitions in life and must allow for space so this can happen. Yet, we must also fill our hearts and souls with the best nectar we can find. Drink on it often. Daily. Fill ourselves with the Spirit that is committed to guiding our ways, truths and actions.

These busy bees knew what they needed to fill their little bodies and souls.

Maybe I’m just a bit jealous of their clarity and focus.

The truth is they need the nectar and they sought it. Drank it. Made it their priority.

Likewise, I just need to find my nectar. Seek it. Drink it.

Fill my heart and soul with the best truth for me today. Avoid the trash that will distract me hourly. Keep grounded in the One who is my truth. And know the rest will fall into place.

For the busy bees who carefully grabbed my attention, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – it is so easy to find ourselves distracted and unfocused these days. It’s easy to drink the trash that perpetuates this. Rather, may we find You as the One who gives us truth. Help us drink deeply of these truths today. All week. Minute by minute and hour by hour. Amen.  

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