Gratitude Day 440

Tues., Apr. 14, 2020

Psalm 87:7: And while they dance, people sing: “The source of my life comes from you.”

Anyone else feel like they are learning a new dance form these past few weeks?

Generally speaking, many folks had a fairly comfortable life. We ate, we worked, we attended events that we enjoyed and loved, we watched TV, perused the internet and bought what we wanted and not just what we needed. We posted pictures of our seemingly mostly happy lives on social media. Sure, there were the times when refs got it wrong in games, someone said something silly that irritated us for days or we had to make the big choice between what restaurant we wanted to eat out on Friday night. Or with whom.

When something didn’t go our way, maybe we threw a 12-year-old fit and made sure others knew about it. We flaunted “how busy” we were and lamented when we had to help our children or grandchildren with homework because, well, that was the teacher’s job; not ours.

Fast forward a few weeks. For the first time in maybe a really long time, kids are truly having to figure out what to do when they ARE bored. We’ve had to dig out games and puzzles and books and find enjoyment in them. People are literally walking outside because that’s the only option, unless you finally remove all those clothes from the treadmill turned into a hanging closet. Pets don’t quite know what to do with so many people at home ALL. THE. TIME … although the dogs will go into withdrawal when the multiple-time-a-day walks change. When fall rolls around and with it, the hope of kids going to actual school, most parents won’t bat an eye at providing whatever items are requested by teachers.

I keep thinking about the teenaged kid who said something to the affect that all this family time is a little too much. Anyone else feel there is a little truth in this?

I like to think of it this way: we’re just learning a different way to dance.

Let me explain. When I was a child a million years ago, it was A BIG DEAL when we went someplace on a Saturday night. Other than a 4-H meeting, the most common reason we went someplace was to attend a wedding dance or an anniversary celebration dance. In those days, it was a real, live band that played polka after polka, sprinkled in with some waltzes. I loved the schottische, which was only played once a night. The dance floor filled when the chicken dance started.

Today, there are whole generations that have never heard of these dances and certainly do not know how to dance them. Likewise, I would not ever try to bust the moves to rap music. It would be a complete disaster. Our grandchildren would be totally embarrassed.

While not a ballroom dancer, I so appreciate the skill and timing that a couple who knows how to really do this has. They anticipate each step before it happens and make it look fluid and much easier than it really is.

Jump ahead to today. Last week. This next week. Some folks want to return to the polkas and waltzes of yesterday and can’t wait for the day they can. Others are so ready to bust a new move and get on with life post-coronavirus. Others are trying to make life feel seamless and easy, like the ballroom dancers.

What I pray does not immediately is that we try to do ALL of these dances at the same time; juggling every dance like we used to fill-up our lives with. Maybe it’s OK to slowly pick what dances we really like and focus on them for a while. Maybe it’s a wonderful opportunity to try a dance that might have never been on your radar screen before. Maybe it’s OK to let some of those dances take a break and be fun distant memories.

More importantly, I pray that we’ve come back to what IS most important in our lives: simple things that bring us great joy and fun. Real conversations, whether virtually or on the phone, that aren’t hurried and more frequent. The belief that the source of life is bigger than yourself and critical for your daily living and being.

We can embrace this new form of dancing. Or we can struggle with missteps. Some of both is OK. Seriously. I just pray we let the music of the One who created us choose the beat.  

For lessons from dancing, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – Thank you for being patient with us as we discover new ways and methods of how we dance through life right now. Encourage us to take the most appropriate steps. Guide us through the challenging spots. Comfort us when it seems all too much. Be the One who provides the beat in our lives. Amen.

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