Gratitude Day 423

Sat., Mar. 14, 2020

Galatians 6:2: Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.

TRUTH: I don’t watch the news daily. In fact, I kind of avoid it.

But last night, I watched the news. The national news and the local news.

TRUTH: Watching the news, especially the national news, was a bit unsettling. The entire broadcast was about the coronavirus. There’s a lot to take in and evaluate. In my state of Wisconsin, the Governor has said ALL schools will be closed Mar. 19-Apr. 5.

While many of us are focusing on what feels unsettling, maybe even a bit scary right now, I encourage us to focus on how we can share each other’s burdens. As followers of Christ, what CAN we do when things feel so off-kilter? I’ve put together a little checklist for us to use:

_____   Offer to help those who might be a bit more compromised around you. Get their groceries, pick up a prescription or run an errand for someone who might not feel comfortable going out into public right now. Whether this is an elderly neighbor, a friend who has anxiety or the mom who doesn’t want to take their child into a public setting, reach out to them and see how you can fill the gap.

_____   Contact a local service organization and see where they need help. Deliver meals on wheels. Help at the food pantry. Serve food at a homeless shelter. These folks still need services. Let’s make sure there isn’t a gap.

_____   Pick up some gas or grocery gift cards and give them to those people whose jobs maybe compromised right now. You know – those people who work at places that have closed right now. Waiters and waitresses at restaurants that will not have as many customers. Janitors who don’t have buildings to clean. They still have needs. You can fill a small gap.

_____   Drop off a treat at the local clinic or hospital. These folks are working overtime right now trying to keep the rest of us healthy and safe. Call in advance to find out what kinds of treats they will accept before you make your famous chocolate chip cookies, only to find out the workers won’t be able to eat them.

_____   Say thank you to public officials (EMT’s, fire, police officers) when you see them. Or go out of your way to extend your appreciation for taking extra precautions at this time.

_____   Drop off a bag of groceries to a family whose children are home for the next few weeks unexpectedly. Extend a hand to those who struggle with food insecurity. Or offer to babysit young children so parents can go to work.

_____   Find ways to manage your feelings and anxiety. Be careful not to add additional fear in how you conduct yourself right now. Spend extra time meditating and praying. Go to YouTube and listen to uplifting and inspirational music.

_____   Maintain community with those who may feel isolated and alone right now. As we spend more time at home and have less opportunities to be with groups of people, we can easily feel disconnected from others. Contact those who are alone and may not have as much opportunity to be with others. Even if you physically cannot be with a person, you can still be in touch.  

_____   Continue to support the economy. As we hunker down more in this next period of time, businesses will feel the affect. Try to support them as you can. If you order online, leave treat as the door for delivery people.

_____   Pray and pray and pray. We are not in this alone. God is definitely with us. Pray that those influential in making decisions that affect millions will be guided by God. Pray for those who have been and maybe affected by the virus. Pray that a vaccine will be forthcoming. Pray that people react appropriately. Every time you wash your hands, PRAY.

For many people, this is truly the first time we have experienced something of this magnitude affecting so many people in so many different ways. No, it’s not the first time a pandemic has happened. But there are generations of people living today who have not lived through a situation quite like this.

What can we take away from this all? GOD. IS. WITH. US. TODAY. TOMORROW. ALWAYS. Amen.

For knowing that God is always with us, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Almighty God – remind us again and again and again that YOU. ARE. WITH. US. As we struggle to make sense of the world health situation right now, may we clearly see engage with you, each other and create a sense of community that we desperately need. Amen.

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