Gratitude Day 395

Thurs., Jan. 30, 2019

Psalm 31:16: Let your favor shine again upon your servant; save me just because you are so kind!

As 2020 rolled around, I resolved to focus on a word for January: kindness. I really wanted to be more thoughtful in how I treat people. Respect people. What I say and do to and with people.

Some days, kindness rolls out of me with little or no thought. Other days? Not so much.

Honestly, it seems like there is just too little kindness in our world today. I seldom watch the news because, well, I want more positive things in my life than I feel is present in the news.

Why is it that we feel it’s OK to treat others so poorly?

Why is it that we feel we must always be right … with no wiggle room?

Why is it that it has become acceptable to not have a filter in what we say?

Our 8-year-old grandson Dylan has not yet discovered a filter in what he says. Basically, whatever comes into his brain comes out of his mouth. Yes, sometimes he says things that surprise me. Shock me. Wonder where this thought came from.

At times, I have expressed my amazement that he has NOT developed more of a filter at this stage of his life. I deem him as an amazing little guy who isn’t afraid to express himself.

So, why do I have such a hard time when others fail to use a filter as well?

Maybe it’s just a lot more interesting when it comes out of an 8-year-old who also happens to be your grandson.

Truth: there are moments when kindness does prevail.

Like all the folks who have spoken so highly of Kobe Bryant after his shocking death this past weekend. And the folks who gently have reminded us that other families are struggling with losing loved ones as well.

It gives me hope that kindness is still in vogue. And will be for a long time.

So, what have I discovered about kindness these past weeks?

As much as I want kindness to be second nature in my life, I still must work at it. Period.

Extending kindness may or may not be appreciated. And it’s OK.

Our world desperately needs kindness. Today. Tomorrow. Into the future.

God saves us out of great kindness. God doesn’t have to do this God CHOOSES to do this.

What a great lesson this is: CHOOSING to do kindness.

The kindness fairies still have some work to do with me. Maybe just being more aware of how I can display kindness in life is where I’m starting.

Imagine if we ALL took seriously the notion that we can be kind to others. What an amazing place we might life.

I pray we don’t give up on kindness. But rather, let’s be ambassadors of kindness. Out-do us in extending kindness as often as well can. Just maybe, there will be a slight shift in how we view kindness in our lives and in our world.

For the encouragement to continue extending kindness, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Almighty God – thank you for such a radical definition of kindness in how You come to us. May we discover each day a specific opportunity to be kindness ambassadors within our little neck of the woods. Amen.

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