Gratitude Day 365

Thurs., Nov. 21, 2019

Psalm 89:7: God is respected in the council of the holy ones; God is awesome and revered more than all those around him.

Some days are just plain crazy.

These are the days that are have every living minute filled. Or you are trying to be in more than one place at the same time. Maybe your crazy day includes something that happened completely out of the blue.

But was the day crazy … or was it simply awesome?

I feel like the last week has been a little crazy. Over the weekend, I spent several days in Louisville with my sister, nephew and a bunch of other Wisconsin kids who were showing sheep at a national sheep show. Going to the sheep show was really OK. What made it a little crazy? It was also the weekend that my first book would officially launch.

Imagine this: on the day that the first book I ever published was the #1 New Release Inspirational Christianity book on Amazon, I was driving home a truck over-filled with kids, backpacks, and blankets while over tired people tried to get some much-needed sleep. The truck was pulling a trailer completely filled with various breeds of sheep who had just been on a whirl-wind adventure.

Is this crazy … or is this awesome?

There have been so many days when I think to myself, “How crazy are you?” because the day is so full of non-stop activity and doing and running.

Maybe those days ARE crazy. But maybe, those days are simply AWESOME because I get to do some rather interesting and fun things.

There’s a fine line between crazy and awesome. Sometimes, it’s simply in the eye of the beholder. What I might think is crazy, you find totally awesome. And vice versa. Just about the time I think I’m getting put over the edge because something is so crazy, another person revels how awesome the opportunity is.

So, before you land something into the “crazy” category, pause. Think. Reflect. It may feel crazy … but possibly, you have an awesome opportunity laying right before you. YOU decide if this thing is completely crazy and ridiculous. Or if it is the most awesome for this day. Week. Or month.

Something can move from crazy to awesome in less than half-a-second. We choose where it lands. I pray that we see life filled with lots of awesomeness and celebrate every single bit of awesomeness in our lives.

For crazy and awesome days, I am grateful. 

Dear God – Help us keep perspective. When the day feels full and demanding and possibly too much, help us see that we can define the day. We get to choose whether we see the day as crazy or awesome. I pray we appreciate all the awesome moments that happen every day. Amen.  

Blessings –


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