Gratitude Day 340

Thurs., Oct. 17, 2019

2 Corinthians 5:13:  If we are crazy, it’s for God’s sake. If we are rational, it’s for your sake.

At some point in nearly every day, I think to myself, “This is crazy.”

Crazy can be a whole bunch of things:

  • Too warm, too cold, too windy or too wet
  • Too much wasted time
  • Too long of a wait or poor customer service
  • Way longer than I planned
  • Too ridiculous or silly
  • Too outside of my comfort zone
  • And a whole bunch of other things.

I’m working on a couple bit personal projects right now. How much longer EVERYTHING takes than I think it should be well, simply, crazy.

But I’m looking for the day when the craziness turns into awesomeness.

Awesome because:

  • The book I’ve been working on will be written, published and getting into the hands of others
  • I will have learned a whole new bunch of skills
  • My comfort zone box just increased significantly
  • And a whole bunch of other things.

There’s really a fine line between crazy and awesome. A situation can be so wickedly cool that it goes beyond awesome. Likewise, the journey to get where you would like to be can be daunting, challenging and exhausting. This is way more crazy than awesome.


Until you reach that spot where everything feels, oh, so right. You’ve crossed over into the place where all the craziness is soon forgotten, and the rewards are so worth it.

Here’s the deal. We need a lot of craziness sometimes before we can appreciate and honor the awesome moments.

I’m guessing there were several people who quickly identified Jesus as crazy. Unpredictable. Disruptive. And they were right. But those are the traits that also brought him to the point where he could do something so awesome, we’re still talking about it like 2,000 years later. How awesome is that?

When life is feeling a bit crazy, celebrate it. Own it. Love it. Why? Because sometime soon, the craziness will evolve into something so totally awesome even you will be surprised.

It happened to Jesus. It can happen to you.

For the spirit of craziness that leads to awesomeness, I am grateful. 

Holy God – We just might say, “This is crazy!” a few times today. Assure us that this is OK. Help us see those times when we are crazy as just part of the journey towards something totally awesome. Amen.

Blessings –


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