Gratitude Day 317

Tues., Aug. 13, 2019

Jeremiah 29:5 – “Build houses and settle in the land. Plant gardens and eat the food they grow.

Truth: I love to garden.

Yes, this should have been on yesterday’s summer list. Since it didn’t make it, I’m giving the garden its own special shout-out.

That’s how much I love a garden.

Actually, Hubby Rick loves to garden almost more than I do. He loves preparing the soil, planting the seeds and hoeing the weeds. Yes, even the weeding is fun for him. When something is getting close to harvesting, he bounds into the house, excited to pronounce that another growing season is successful.

We’ve been harvesting veggies for awhile now. Green Beans, crowns of broccoli, peppers of every color and cute little orange tomatoes that seem to multiply overnight. Now, the bigger red tomatoes are ready to pick. The bean plants continue to blossom and each day there are a few more cucumbers. Rick has guided the squash and pumpkin plants into the flowers so the non-vine plants have plenty of room to grow. We find baby pumpkins growing in the day lilies and itty-bitty squash hanging from the tomato cages.  

Our garden isn’t very big. We just get a lot out of every inch of the garden.

We don’t have to garden, as previous generations did to fed their families. For us, gardening is a hobby. Something we do because it is relaxing, fun and enjoyable. Yet, the excitement of new veggies never grows old.

We enjoy putting something into the ground and watching it grow and develop into something we can eat. Rick and I never tire of this. Nor do we ever take this process for granted. Each cucumber, bean and cherry tomato is an amazing creation. How each is unique and special and fulfills something different from the other vegetables is purely amazing.

Truth: I love to garden. It brings me great joy. Where will you find joy today?

For the blessings that come out of our garden, I am grateful.

Holy God – somehow, you created foods and gardens as a way to feed us. Your imagination and creativity in all of this is amazing. As we eat fresh veggies or fruit today, may we appreciate Your creation. Amen.

Blessings –


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