Gratitude Day 304

Fri., July 19, 2019

Exodus 14:13-14 – But Moses answered, “Don’t be afraid! Stand still and you will see the Lord save you today. You will never see these Egyptians again after today. You only need to remain calm; the Lord will fight for you.”

Stand still. Remain calm.

Wow. Great advice. So hard to do.

But sometimes, these are the words we need to hear.

Hubby Rick and I know we are very blessed people. We preach it. We believe it. We really, really try to live it.

Yet, there are those one or two places in our lives that we wish were different. Quite honestly, these “places” are relationships with people we dearly love. We have struggled with these relationships. We have prayed over and around the through them. Some of the challenges with the underlying issues are not in our control. We struggle with knowing what to do. When do we step in? When do we hold? When do we simply keep on praying?

As a pastor, people have come to me and asked for advice and insights when they are in the thick of a relationship that is struggling. I have tried to listen and hear. When asked, I’ve gently suggested options. I also know that, at times, I’ve probably given really bad advice.

My heart has been heavy because I feel like there is so little I can do. While I can’t speak for Rick, I believe he feels the same way. Yes, we’ve tried to address it. Yes, we’ve bathed it in prayer. Yes, we’ve waited and hoped and dreamed that it would be different. But the changed relationship, so evasive, remains more of a challenge than a blessing.

Then, this thought came to me this week: “How easy it is to mishandle blessings that come too easy or too quickly.”

Stand still. Remain calm.

This is the advice Moses gave the Israelites as they were scurrying away from Pharaoh and the Egyptians. Pharaoh told the Israelites to leave Egypt. He’d had enough of the 10 plagues. With sender’s remorse, Pharaoh realized he had lost his worker bees. The people who actually did all the manual labor to build those beautiful wonders in Egypt WERE GONE! He needed them back. Now.

Pharaoh and his army are coming after the Israelites. The gap is closing in. The Israelites fear they will now die in the dessert. Moses speaks.

Stand still. Remain calm. The Lord will fight for YOU.

Folks: I don’t know what disappointment you maybe experiencing in your life today. Maybe no one knows, other than you. But God knows. God cares. God hears your pleadings and is just as disappointed as you are. God fights for YOU.

As you think about the challenge in your life, it’s easy to wonder: Will this particular blessing ever arrive? Will it look different from what you would prefer? Does your vision of the blessing need to shift?

As I work through these questions and thoughts about my situation, I encourage you: Stand still. Remain calm. The Lord is with You. Amen.

For God’s desire to fight for me, warts and all, I am grateful.

Dear God – You know all the details of whatever situation may be weighing us down today. You know our desire to have this challenge be turned into a blessing. Help us to simply stand still. Remain calm. Keep our faith in You. Amen.

Blessings –


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