Fri., Feb. 1, 2019

Mark 13:18 – Pray that it doesn’t happen in winter.


Students from the Benton School District may not be the only ones who might need to be re-introduced to their school today. Most schools in the State of Wisconsin cancelled school Monday – Thursday this week. Some school superintendents and principals came up with entertaining and fun ways to annouce school closings. But after days of being cooped up, kids and parents are ready for a more normal schedule today.

We’ve lived through the artic vortex this week. A few personal highlights:

  • When Hubby Rick was coming home from work early Thursday morning, the temp gauge in the car said -35 degrees. This was BEFORE windchill. And was the coldest temperature Rick can ever remember. Ever. (After a very long work week, I’m not sure Rick stuck his nose outside on Thursday once he was home. And he deserved to sit inside all day.)
  • No mail on Wed. and Thurs. this week. First time I ever remember this. Ever.
  • While driving home on Thursday evening, the temp on my car said -7. And this was the current heat wave of the week!
  • Ninety percent of the conversations this week were about the weather. We didn’t know what else to talk about.

Like many people, I’m counting my blessings this week. We have a warm home with a working furnace. We have warm clothes and hot food. We have vehicles that ran in the cold weather. While we were outside at times, our exposure was not constant. When the sun came out, it actually was very pretty.


Even when the temps and wind chill are ridiculously brutal, we still have opportunities to count our blessings. I pray we all are just a bit more appreciative of what we have these days, rather than what we don’t.

For blessings too numerous to count, I am grateful.

Almighty God – we choose every day if our glass if half full or half empty. I pray that on this very day, we choose to count our blessings and feel very blessed, no matter what is happening in our lives. Amen.

Blessings –


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