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Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Early Saturday morning, Hubby Rick and I spent time with the youngest two grandchildren. Rick’s son had taken his eldest son out deer hunting. Ellie and Dylan were sleeping on the large section couch when we arrived. It was a great opportunity for us to just hang out on the couch with the kids.

Dylan will be 7 next week. He made sure and reminded us multiple times that he will turn 7 on Thanksgiving. For years, he has been into dinosaurs and everything dinosaur. Lately, we’ve noticed that he has been more interested in reptiles. Until today.

Dylan was choosing a program to watch on TV. He happened to choose one that featured dinosaurs. In a completely serious face, he turned to Rick (who was seated right next to him on the couch) and asked, “Were you around when the dinosaurs were around?”

I almost lost it. Literally. I tried SO HARD not to burst out laughing.

Hubby Rick tried to pick up his jaw off of the couch and simply replied, “Yes, I guess I was around that long ago. I’m that old.”

Oh, the innocence of a 6-year-old. I just wish this little guy could hang onto it FOR EVER.

Dylan is really very good with numbers. He can add and subtract in his head. Later in the day, he asked Grandpa to help him learn multiplication. As a first-grader. What he’s not very good at yet?

Time lines.

Shortly after he asked Rick if he was alive when the dinosaurs were alive, he acknowledged that his Grandpa is 64. Dylan just hasn’t quite figured out that it was more than 64 years since the dinosaurs were roaming the earth.

Sometimes, we get hung up on timelines when it comes to scripture. Some people want to interpret a more literal timeline. Others can’t reconcile science’s timeline with the Bible and declare the Bible less reliable than the dating of fossils and such. I’m one of those people who feel science and the Bible don’t contradict each other but can truly compliment each other.

Personally, I don’t get hung up on creating a scientifically accurate timeline of science and the Bible. But then again, I’m not a scientist. I can appreciate those who put a lot of energy into trying to figure this out. My gifts are in a different wheelhouse. I look at faith from a more reality-based position of how faith is a part of my life today.

Maybe 6-year-old Dylan has the right concept. There are just somethings we can’t explain when it comes to faith, science and reality. Maybe admitting that we don’t have all the answers is really OK. What’s wrong with assuming that there are questions we can’t answer? Maybe how we feel about God and God’s spot in our lives is more important that a finely-tuned timeline? Isn’t this where faith ultimately steps in?

Individually, we decide how much not having a specific answer to a question that may not have a concrete answer will bother us. Maybe my tolerance for such things is higher than for others. Personally, it is a lot more freeing for me to put my energy into seeing where I can find God today, in my every day, ordinary life, than trying to determine exactly what year dinosaurs were around and how this fits into a biblical timeline.

We know dinosaurs are older than dirt. (I guess this makes Grandpa Rick also older than dirt. At least in Dylan’s little world.) I also believe God is older than the dinosaurs, as the creator of everything. Trying to wrap my head around how God created EVERYTHING blows my mind away. This, to me, is really more fascinating.

And celebrating Dylan’s birthday. We did this later in the day, attending a local Christmas light parade, followed by dinner at Pizza Ranch, which Dylan choose. It was a good day.


Please forgive the awful pictures. Mrs. Dinosaur was trying to hold the giggles inside while snapping the pictures. Great Dane Auna also thought she needed to be part of the conversation and pictures.

For innocence in life, I am grateful.

Almighty God – sometimes, we try to make your job our job. Yes, inquisitive minds are important and helpful. Yet, may we also discover the times when we simply must stutter because we don’t have a complete answer to the timeframe of all time and creation. Help us to truly be amazed by your wonderful creation. Amen.

Blessings –


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