Thurs., Nov. 1, 2018

Romans 1:11 – I want to see you and share with you the same blessings that God’s Spirit has given me. Then you will grow stronger in your faith.

Nov. 2018 Month of Gratitude

Do you like a challenge? Or a game? Or a new opportunity.

Good. So do I.

Please look carefully at the photo with this post. I’m calling this A Month of Gratitude – November 2018 challenge. Or game. Or new opportunity. You choose what you want to call it. Just please join me on this fun adventure for the next month.

I have been blogging about gratitude for months now. Anyone sick of hearing about how I find gratitude in the normal, everyday little things of life? I pray not. Why do I do this? I feel gratitude must be an important part of our everyday, ordinary lives. When we fail to have gratitude in our lives, we fail to see our blessings. We focus too much on what we think we are missing or want instead of appreciating all the wants and needs already provided for us. Simply, I do NOT want to blow through this life trying to aspire for something that I think is missing when what I needed was already right there. In my life. And I just failed to see it.

This is why I focus on gratitude. Honestly, I feel I have most everything I need and want. I just want to make sure I appreciate and acknowledge this. And if writing about the silly little ways I see gratitude in my boring life, then thanks for reading along with me.

OK, enough of this. Back to the game, the challenge, the new opportunity. Wouldn’t it be SO COOL if we all took a few minutes of every day and looked for gratitude? And even became gratitude ambassadors? People who want to shower their little pieces of the world with all the gratitude that they possibly can in just even a few minutes a day? People who declare that in spite of what maybe going on in their lives, their community, their country and their world, there IS much to be grateful for?

When it seems difficult to find places where we can join together at times, I pray gratitude is a place where we can join hands, feet, fingers, time and energy and do even just the littlest of things to brighten someone’s day.

And so, I created A Month of Gratitude – November 2018.

Each day, you will find a small suggestion of a way that you can be a gratitude ambassador for the day. Most of these suggestions will take 15-30 minutes. A few may take a bit longer. I realize some may involve some money. But I tried not to include anything that would be a financial hardship for someone. If you can’t afford to do something on the list, be creative and find away to adapt the suggestion. Can’t afford a bouquet of flowers? Find a plant or artificial flowers and use instead. I know you can all be resourceful if you just allow yourselves to be.

What would make this experience even more cool? Enlist your family to become gratitude ambassadors with you! Or pick days when you specifically choose someone to partner with you. The gratitude will only multiply when we encourage someone to join in the challenge with us.

Maybe you can’t do something on the day it is suggested. The solution is simple: switch days! I highly encourage you not do a week’s worth of gratitude ideas in one day. Part of the experience is discovering gratitude EVERY. SINGLE DAY.

Please share this calendar with everyone and anyone who would have the knack to be a gratitude ambassador as well. I’m going to pin the calendar to Pinterest as well as another way for people to find it.

Most importantly? I hope you have FUN while doing A Month of Gratitude – November 2018. Please share your experiences! I LOVE reading comments whether on the blog website or on Facebook. So please share away!

For the opportunity to have others join me for A Month of Gratitude – November 2018, I am thankful.

Lord God – sometimes, it is so easy to take our blessings for granted. We focus too much on what we don’t have than appreciating all that we have. We keep searching for something out “there” when everything we need is already right “here.” I pray we discover a little more about ourselves in this Month of Gratitude experience. Teach us something new each day. Amen.

Blessings –


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