Sat., Oct. 13, 2018

Ephesians 3:17-19 – I ask that Christ will live in your hearts through faith. As a result of having strong roots in love, I ask that you’ll have the power to grasp love’s width and length, height and depth, together with all believers. I ask that you’ll know the love of Christ that is beyond knowledge so that you will be filled entirely with the fullness of God.

We have these $1 glasses all over our house. Literally. Everywhere.

They are Hubby Rick’s reading glasses. He buys them in large quantities, like 10 at a time, from the Dollar Tree. Of late, he’s purchased the exact same pair over and over. And they are everywhere.

Let me show you.


In the TV room, which is also where he keeps the laptop that he uses to check his dispatch before he goes to work. He also uses these glasses to check his paycheck, look up things on e-bay and play cards on the computer.


The bathroom, where he shaves, to double-check his work.


The kitchen island, where he reads the mail.


Where he keeps his keys, so he can remember to take a pair with him when he leaves the house.


On his desk in the basement.


Right across the room from his desk is his work bench. This is exactly how I found it. With three pairs of glasses.

I didn’t go into each of our vehicles, which also have a pair of glasses. Or his fishing tackle box. Or in the carriage house. If there are three pairs on the workbench, I can’t imagine how many are in the carriage house: probably, one next to each saw and then some.

And yet, on most days, I still hear, “Where are my glasses?”

So often, I just want to say, “Which pair?” (Next time, I’m going to send him to the workbench.)

Recently, I read these few lines of scripture from Ephesians at the beginning of this post … and I felt like I was seeing these words for the first time. I mean, really seeing them. While I have read them possibly a hundred times previously, it was like I was wearing a new pair of glasses. Maybe, my prescription was just a bit different and I was seeing them in a new light.

I believe in God’s grace. I’ve felt and witnessed it hundreds of times. But sometimes, I begin to think I have to “do” something for God’s kingdom to receive God’s forgiveness and grace.

We can easily turn God’s grace into something we have to “earn” and fail to remember that God has already taken care of everything. We just have to accept this grace over and over. Day after day. Week after week. Appreciate, value and know God’s grace makes a difference in our lives.

As I read these words from Ephesians, I zeroed in on the fact that God’s love is wider and deeper than I can ever love God back. The height and depth of my love is so very shallow and narrow compared to the love God gives to me and you. My love can’t be the same measure as God’s. Nor does it need to be. Because God is God and I am me.



A few years ago, it became clear that I had aged into the life stage of bifocals. I tried to use those cheap glasses like Rick does. I also needed depth correction. I decided it was just best to have one pair of glasses that would correct both.


Every time I get a new pair of bifocal glasses, it takes a little awhile for my eyes to adjust to the new lenses. My eyes have to figure out where they need to look, based on the different size and shape of lense. Once I get used to the new lenses, I no longer have to think about it. My eyes know exactly what to do.

There are times my understanding of grace gets blurry and I think I have to “do” something for God to fully love and appreciate me. The reality? There is nothing I can do to earn it. Grace is too expensive and too costly.

After reading these words from Ephesians again and seeing more clearly how God views me, I am going to see Rick’s glasses scattered all over my house a bit differently. They will help me remember that God’s grace is sufficient for me. I just have to let God be God and I be me. It is easy to rib Rick about all these glasses. Maybe they have just been waiting to help me to see grace more clearly.

I need grace daily and multiple times throughout the day. In the TV room. In the bathroom. In the kitchen. Before I leave the house and as I go into the world. I pray I take God’s grace with me wherever I journey.

For eyes that see more clearly today, I am thankful.

O gracious and loving God: thank you for loving me so much larger, deeper and more fully than I can ever love you. Thanks for the reminder of your grace this day. Help me see more clearly every day Your spot in my life.Amen.

Blessings –


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