Tues., Oct. 9, 2018

2 Samuel 22:32 – Now really, who is divine except the Lord? And who is a rock except our God?


If you have a Facebook account, you have just lived through the huge Facebook hack of 2018. If you don’t have a Facebook account, this is what happened: account holders got a ridiculous number of new friend requests from people who are already their friends. Then, there was an inquiry if this was a hack or something else. Everyone was trying to figure out what was really going on, with many people more than a little annoyed by all the mess. Anyone else have a friend who asked why Facebook couldn’t shut down the whole deal?

This brought to light for me how difficult it is to determine when someone is really someone versus when it is someone trying to look like your friend. How can we determine what is real and what is fake?

Just like sometimes, people wonder if God is real or if God is fake.

Some think there can’t be a real God because a real God would not allow all the awful things in the world to happen.

Some believe a real God would always heal a loved one and not allow for suffering.

Some anticipate that a real God would always answer prayer just as we request.

Some argue that a real God would never allow a particular person or family repeated pain or loss or grief.

Based on things happening in a person’s life which don’t seem fair, right or loving, there can’t be a real God. There is only a fake God.

Yes, it can be very easy to feel this way. Sometimes, I have questioned these same things. And then, something happens that reaffirms for me that God is real.

My real God doesn’t promise to remove all hardship or suffering in life. My real God promises to journey with me through all those ugly moments in life.

My real God knows better than to answer all of my prayers because maybe, my prayers aren’t the best solution.

My real God does not cause every awful thing in this world to happen. There is evil in this world, which I cannot explain. Yes, there are times I wish my real God would squash evil. Instead, I am trying to learn to trust God even when evil prevails in the short-term.

It can be easy to allow thoughts of a fake God affect our lives. When this happens, I challenge myself to remember the times God was so apparent in my life. I recall the still, small voice that longs to be my guiding light every day. I thank God for prayers that have been answered and the wisdom God had to know that not answering some of my prayers was prudent at the time.

On the days we have a difficult time finding the real God in our lives, reflect upon this story. A pastor was sharing in worship one day about how his wife has prepared thousands of meals for him. He can’t specifically recall all the meals she has prepared for him. Some were better than others. Some he loved. Others, not so much. Yet, he appreciates and values every meal she has made for him. They all helped him be a better person, pastor and Christian.

Likewise, he has prayed a thousand prayers to God. He doesn’t remember them all. He’s heard thousands of sermons and he doesn’t specifically remember them all. As a Christian, he feels his job is to simply show up and let God be God. Every time he prays, every message he hears provides an opportunity for him to be just a little closer with God. He many not remember every specific prayer or message. But each one can help him be a better person, pastor and Christian.

Even when we maybe struggling to find the real God, please don’t give up. God is there. Sometimes, we have to sort through the fake gods in our lives to find the real God. I think it’s worth the effort.

For God being real in my life, I am thankful.

Gracious God – forgive us when we follow the wrong fake gods in our lives rather than seeking and following You, the real God. Help us to focus more on You and Your presence in our lives. Amen.

Blessings –


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