Gratitude Day 126 – Stringers of Annoyance

Fri., Sept. 28, 2018

Psalm 32:5 – So I admitted my sin to you; I didn’t conceal my guilt. “I’ll confess my sins to the Lord,” is what I said. Then you removed the guilt of my sin.

It was a 30-second project that went array.

Ever have those?

Fall has arrived in Wisconsin. For the last week, we’ve had an extra blanket floating on top of the bed. I know, some blankets look really cute on top of the bed. However, this blanket is old enough to vote. Hubby Rick and I received it as a wedding present … 18 years ago. It’s not really a member of the “cute” category anymore.

But it works as a blanket.

I love a cotton blanket. 100% cotton. It’s just what I prefer. And this one is all cotton.

Even if it isn’t really cute anymore, it still works in the “warm” and “effective” categories.

My intention was to take off the top quilt and actually put the blanket on the bed with the sheets and other blankets. A 30-second job, right?


20180927_092007The weave on this blanket looks kind of like a basket. What happens is these random strings become stragglers and get bunched across the blanket. Are they a big deal? No. But my Type A personality just can’t quite let them hang around on the blanket.

So, I start pulling them off the blanket. I know … someday, this means the blanket will begin to disappear. But when a blanket is old enough to vote, I think it’s earned it’s keep.

It’s not a big project or a demanding one. It’s really more of an annoying little project that takes time.

But as I pulled each strangling string off the blanket, it becomes this little self-revelation time for me.

I think about the person who I said something to that might have annoyed them.

I recall the situation in which I was more hurtful than helpful.

I realize that I promised to contact someone and haven’t followed through with it.

Big things? On a scale of 1 to 10, no. But little annoying things? You bet.

No different than the little annoying strings on the blanket.

Little things that I could have so easily changed, realigned or approached differently.

As I finished pulling the strings, I saw the rolled-up ball of strings in my fist. Once again, I am faced the reality that when I do one or two small but annoying or distracting things, it may not seem like a lot. Until they get bunched together. Roll them together and wow. It can become a whole bunch of yuck.


On most days, I focus on the positive things that I do. How I am trying to add value to life than be a detractor. This is good and important. But some days, it’s OK to realize we need to acknowledge our less-than-stellar moments. It’s impossible to grow and move into living more as God would love for us to life if we only continually cheer ourselves up with all the positives and continue to gloss over and hide our “opportunities for improvement.”


The whole process wasn’t terribly time consuming. Yet, it gave me moments to reflect upon where I can step up my game. Where I might need to be more humble. Reflect upon really trying to treat others more like how I want to be treated.

The blanket is now covered up by the beautiful quilt my sister made for me. The remaining stringers are covered up and out of sight. But … they are still there. Just like the shortcomings in my life. Why is it easier to hide them than expose them?


Wanting just a little pretty in my life and bedroom, I walked out to the garden and cut some of the beautiful zinnias still blooming. We might have frost Friday night. Why not bring some of their beauty into the house for a few more days?

Even when we let others down, even when we let ourselves down and even when we let God down, there is still beauty in our lives. Let’s not forget the annoying stringers in our lives … as well as the beautiful zinnias.


For small opportunities to change and see beauty, I am thankful.

Lord God – thanks for being patient with me when I have moments which are less than stellar. Thanks for not giving up on me and overlooking the balls on poor behavior that accumulate in our lives. Thanks for always seeing the beauty in me, even when it may take a little unearthing to discover. Amen.

Blessings –


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