Sat., Aug. 25, 2018

Acts 2:28 – You have shown me the paths of life; your presence will fill me with happiness.

Today, I am sharing about something relatively new in my life. Something that I didn’t expect to bring me so much happiness. Something so simple, it’s crazy.

I have a new cover for my cell phone. And I am in love.

A couple weeks ago, I shared how I had problems with my cell phone and ended up buying a new phone in the same day. Very unexpectedly with the goal not to lose the information I keep stored on my phone. With the new phone, I accomplished this.

Awhile back, I bought a wallet cover for my previous phone. After reading a blog written by a woman who LOVED her phone cover, I found one online and ordered it. It took just a little getting used to. This phone cover was bulkier and a little bigger than I would have preferred. But it worked.

When I purchased this new phone, I knew I wanted another phone cover. I feel the cover protects the phone a bit from when I occasionally and accidentally drop it. I went online and ordered this one.

cover front

Grey has been a favorite color for years; long before grey was hip and in style. Like all the way back to high school. I was not sure about the cognac leather-looking material with the grey. But the pretty stitching that matches the cognac material makes the cover look high-end, even though it was not very expensive.

cover back

I ordered one and waited. A couple days later, it arrived. Anxious, I took it out of the mailer and my heart sank. It was not the right size. Apparently, I clicked on the wrong phone when I ordered it. A couple e-mails later, I had instructions to return the wrong size and reordered the correct size.

When the second cover and right size arrived, my heart was filled with happiness. The phone fit just right. I moved the couple cards I carried in the previous case into the new one. I was off and running.


Is it crazy when a silly phone case makes my day? Yes. It’s kind of like the parchment paper.

Recently, a couple people asked me how I like my new phone. Honestly, I am more in love with the cell phone cover than the phone. A $10 cell phone cover.

standing up

The past few months, I have chosen to focus on a few small things that bring me joy and happiness in my life rather than looking for some big event that will “change” my world. I am convinced that the world becomes a brighter and happier place when we celebrate little wins in our lives. When we find one, small opportunity that makes our heart sing this day, it is a good day.

Too often, we put a lot of energy into finding some “right” thing that we think will make life “better.” I tend to think it’s the small, daily choices we make day in and

Choosing to spend a little time with a dear friend.

Reading a book for even a few minutes.

Taking a 20-minute walk to clear your head.

Looking at a new cell phone cover and feeling happiness.

What is one small way you can find happiness in today? Celebrate something that brings you joy? Remember that life is really more about a whole bunch of small, little choices that add value to our lives than big events that may or may not reach our expectations?

For little things in life that bring us joy and happiness, I am grateful.

Almighty God – it is so easy to think that a huge change will make everything better. Yes, we read stories of people whose lives were dramatically changed by a single event. But we can also see joy and happiness daily in little choices and opportunities in our lives. I pray we celebrate these as small, daily wins; ways we see your presence in our ordinary lives. Amen.

Blessings –


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