Thurs., Aug. 23, 2018

Ezekiel 20:20 – I told them to respect my Sabbath to show that they were my people and that I was the Lord their God.

Does your soul ever need a little rest? A break from the daily activities of life? Just a little space to breath?

This past weekend, Hubby Rick and I took a little Sabbath. Our eldest grandson, Braeden, joined us. We spent time at my sister’s camper which is near Lake Eau Claire.

inner tube

Rick and Braeden’s main goal for the weekend: spend time on the water. My nephew Kevin was their tour guide. They fished, kayaked and rode the tube behind the boat. And they fished some more. (I wasn’t along for the fishing; thus, no fish pictures.)

Braeden's splashRick and Braeden paddled the kayaks to a little island in the lake. Other people were jumping into the water with this swing rope. Of course, the guys had to do this as well.

Rick and rope swing

Rick got extra points as a cool grandpa when he did this. Amazingly, his sandals stayed on into the water.

Towing kayas

After this adventure, it was time for me to ride on the tube. Knowing it would take awhile for the guys to paddle back to shore where the tube was, they got creative and let the boat tug them back to shore. Only a couple mishaps along the way.

Towing kayaks 2While the guys went fishing, I had some work to catch up on. And took time to just be with God and my journal.


Have you had moments of rest and Sabbath this summer? How did you feel with even just a little down time? What are the ways you celebrate Sabbath in your life?

The time went quickly. Everyone would have enjoyed a bit more time on the water. But we celebrated the rest, time away and Sabbath we had.

For rest and Sabbath, I am grateful.

Almighty God – You know better than we do of our need to let our souls rest and catch a breath. Even short Sabbaths allow us time to breathe, be and restore ourselves. I pray we seize the small opportunities in our lives to rest in Your grace and refresh our souls. Amen.

Blessings –


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