Sat., May 19, 2018

Romans 15:2 – Each of us should please our neighbors for their good in order to build them up.

Last Saturday, our local Farmer’s Market was open for the first time. Hubby Rick loves asparagus. With no asparagus beds on our property, I walked down to the market to purchase some.


In our little town, the Farmer’s Market is small. Maybe a dozen vendors. Madison is about 30 minutes away. Saturday mornings on The Square around the state capital are known for a fantastic Farmer’s Market. Blocks filled with vendors, people, dogs, kids, strollers, food, flowers. And this is in the first few tents!

Last week, I opted for our local market. Two vendors were selling asparagus. I bought from both. We have enjoyed asparagus several times this week.

Farmer’s Markets are great local enterprises. It’s a way for us to eat local, enjoy our neighbors and support local business. It is a way to build up our local area and offer an additional service to the community.


I know our local Farmer’s Market is a tiny slice of the Madison version. Size is not important. Rather, being a part of your community is.  No matter what day of the week your community Farmer’s Market is held, take a stroll through it. Take in the sight of golden honey, breathe deeply the scent of fresh herbs and drink in the color of freshly-picked flowers. Appreciate local people choosing to make their products available to others. Celebrate the day and your local community.

20180512_102342We live in a great little community.

For this, I am grateful.

Lord God – Thank you for the towns, villages and cities around us. Thank you for people choosing to be a part of their area. Help us discover a way we can enjoy and support those within our community. Amen.

Blessings –


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