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Ezekiel 31:9 – I made it beautiful with abundant branches, the envy of all the trees of Eden in the garden of God.

We moved to our current home in August. The following spring, my friend Rhonda stopped by. She works in landscape architecture. I wanted some help with redesigning the landscaping in our yard. She would provide the expertise.

Our house sits on a corner lot and is larger than the normal in-town lot. It’s more like two lots, which we love. As Rhonda and I walked around the yard, we came across a tree right next to the wrap-around porch. It’s planted VERY close to the porch. In fact, I wasn’t sure it should stay. I didn’t know what kind of tree is was.

Rhonda told me. A rosebud. It will be beautiful mid-May. You’ll just want to trim it up a bit and let it be.


Mr Rosebud tree earlier in the week. Note the closed blossoms. 

Good thing we took her advice. When it is blooming, it is gorgeous. I mean, drop-dead gorgeous. My amateur pictures do no justice.

With warmer weather this week, little buds appeared on the branches. The tiny petals began to open. By Thursday, the flowers were absolutely stunning.


Mr Rosebud tree the end of the week.

I think of this tree as Mr. Rosebud Tree. I know, it doesn’t make sense. It’s a pink flowering tree with the tiniest of flowers. If it were going to be named, should not it be Ms. Rosebud tree?

When I typed those words, they didn’t fit. When I said them aloud, no can do. It’s Mr. Rosebud Tree. End of discussion.

Why? I am not sure. The delicate flowers, the smaller stature and size, the gracefulness of the tree does not seem to fit our traditional ideas of masculinity.

I went online to learn more about the rosebud tree. One source said a relative of the rosebud tree is believed to be the type of tree Judas Iscariot hung himself on. Is this remotely true? I think it is impossible to trace this back. It seems odd that a relative of our petite-looking tree could be the scene of such a difficult situation.

Maybe there is some deeper symbolism. When we are in an awful and difficult situation, there can be beauty at some point. Maybe the beauty of the rosebud tree brings hope to a very grave experience. God’s glory and grace allow even the most awful of situations to be declared “good” in God’s eyes.

In the verse from Ezekiel, the tree referenced is a cedar tree. Often, cedar trees are viewed as symbols of immortality and elevation in scripture. In Lebanon, where the flag features a cedar tree as a symbol of immortality, poets and artists have used the tree as a sign of strength and eternity. Ezekiel declares the cedar as the envy of all the trees in God’s Garden of Eden. With its many branches that point skyward, it is declared beautiful.

Just like our Mr. Rosebud tree. The flowers are here for just a little while. As we sit on the porch and have our brunch or lunch or dinner, their beauty, delicateness and vibrant color amaze me.

For this, I am grateful.

Holy God – your creation is nothing short of magnifico. This is the time of year when, each day, we can see something new and exciting. May we daily be amazed and grateful for the beauty around us. Amen.

Blessings –


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