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Mon., Apr. 30, 2018

1 Chronicles 17:2 – And Nathan replied, “Carry out your plan in every detail, for it is the will of the Lord.”

This winter, we remodeled our downstairs bathroom. Earlier, I shared a few pictures of the final product.

I continue to be so excited about this transformation. But there was one little detail that bothered me. The shower rod. A couple times when showing guests the bathroom, I’d slide the shower curtain. Meanwhile, the rod slid down the side of the shower and eventually created a pile on the floor of the shower.

I know. In the grand scheme of things, a shower rod is like a -10 on the importance scale. So many other things are much more important. Yet, the bathroom just seemed a little unfinished because of this silly shower rod.

I bought the rod from a large home improvement store. I think it cost $5. No rods attachable to the wall were available. So, I opted for the cheapest version possible.

A few weeks ago, I quickly looked online for a rod that could be attached to the wall. I could not find a rod small enough for this space. And gave up.

Last week, I again googled: “wall mounted 36” shower rod.” This time, one came up! A rounded one! In our last house, we put a rounded shower rod in one bathroom. I am now completely sold on the extra space a rounded rod allows.

A few days later, the rod arrived. While it had been laying in the bathroom for a few days, on Saturday, I asked hubby Rick if he could please install it. He carefully mounted it into the grout between the tiles. And rehung the shower curtain.

The rod is not very fancy. It cost $13. Easily the same amount of money for us to each lunch. I know it’s silly how this one little detail makes me feel like the bathroom is now complete. But it does.

Details. Some people love them. Some people despise them. For those who know success is in well-managed details, we thrive on them. For those who think details drive them nuts, not so much. I know it’s a little ridiculous that this shower rod makes me feel like the whole bathroom is finally finished.

Look around today. Take notice of all the crazy little details God places in our lives. The tiniest of veining on a plant leaf. The wisp of a cloud high in the sky on a perfectly blue-skied day. The thousands of different shades of aqua in the ocean. God is a God of detail.

There are times hubby Rick and I wonder if we should clutter God’s desk with our seemingly detail-oriented prayer requests. I am an advocate for cluttering. What seems like a no-big-deal detail maybe just what God yearns for us to notice. The simplest of detail that creates peace in our lives really is important.

Quickly – one last comparison of the shower rods. Left is the previous. Right is the new curved, attachable rod.

For this, I am grateful.

Lord God – You are a God of details. The millions of little details you manage and keep straight amazes me. The tiniest of detail that we may think is just a coincidence is orchestrated by you. May we see how details matter to you. And can matter to us. Amen.

Blessings –


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