1st focus group

Mon., Apr. 9, 2018

1 Samuel 18:1 – When David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan and David became bound together in close friendship. Jonathan loved David as much as he did his own life.

I am in the process of writing a book! This is a project I have been dreaming about for a while. While the book writing is a little slower than I would like, each week, I make a bit more progress.

A couple weeks ago, I determined a little research for the book would be helpful. Who would help me? How about some friends?

Sunday night, a few friends came to my house. I explained in advance the reason for the gathering. I called it a “focus group” and said I anticipated it would last about 90 minutes.

Three hours later, we were still saying our good-byes!

I do not get to see these women very often. There was some major catching up to do. We were able to zero in on some areas I felt some practical insights would be helpful for me. A couple times, we wandered a little off subject, but we were always able to make our way back to the book’s topic.

What did I learn last night? I share a few things:

  • Some of us were raised by women who continue to influence our lives today. Seriously influence our lives. I put myself in this camp. Eleanor spoke of folding napkins like her Mom prefers. And we caught her perfectly folding her napkin before she left the table!
  • These parents are all interested in raising their children to be well-grounded adults who have a wide variety of opportunities. This includes teaching children how to contribute to the family, help themselves and make good choices.
  • The word of the night: fulfillment, followed by contentment.
  • There was a little hinting that possibly the guys (spouses/partners) were feeling a little left out? Unfortunately, Rick was working so the invite did not include the guys.

I plan on doing a few more of these focus groups. If you live in Wisconsin and would like to be a part of one, please let me know! Hanging out with friends, as well as getting a few insights for my book excite me.

Unfortunately, Sarah Luedtke left before we snapped the picture. Sorry Sarah! Next time. Thanks, ladies for participating in this focus group. For this, I am grateful.

Almighty God – you are an advocate for connection and friendship, as there is connection and friendship within your own Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We see this in many relationships within scripture, just like the friendship between Jonathon and David. Thanks for bringing into my life people who can support and encourage me. I pray we can do this for each other through your Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Blessings –


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