snow in RS 2Wed., Apr. 4, 2018

Isaiah 55:10 – As the rain and snow come down from heaven and stay upon the ground to water the earth, and cause the grain to grow and to produce seed for the farmer and bread for the hungry …

We live in Wisconsin. While we are dreaming of spring, Mother Nature has other plans. Yesterday afternoon, it started to snow. I worked late at my part-time marketing job. As I was walking to my vehicle, I was overwhelmed with several inches of fresh snow, the very large flake kind, that made everything look gorgeous.

snow in PoyWhen I left early this morning, the sun was peaking out. All of creation seemed to glisten as the new snow hung on everything. In the dark, in the morning: I was grateful for the beauty of the snow.

The previous afternoon, Rick had sent me a text message: “Isn’t snow magnifico!!”

Let me share the back story. Several years ago, my friend Kristin and I traveled to Argentina. After being recognized with a teacher of the year award, Kristin received a grant to use towards continuing education. She is a Spanish teacher. She invited me to travel to Argentina with her, so she could learn about their culture. Of course, I would!

While there, we visited several schools to share about America culture. The most memorable visit happened while visiting the equivalent of a kindergarten class. It was late November. Kristin explained to the students how our winter was just beginning. In fact, there was snow on the ground when we left home.

In this Argentinian region, it doesn’t snow. When one little boy heard the word “snow,” he stopped Kristin mid-sentence. He could not help himself. He stood up and described snow to his classmates. During their winter season, he and his family had traveled to the southern area of Argentina. There was snow! He played in the snow, ate the snow, rolled around in the snow. He ended his description of snow by declaring snow as “magnifico!!”

My Spanish language skills are very limited. But even I understood his last word, emphasized with a huge gesturing of his hands.

Since then, whenever a snow fall is breath-taking, my husband declares it as “magnifico!” He is right. The snow we had last night was nothing short of magnifico!

While some people are bemoaning the snow, I am appreciating how this snow will turn into water, which will eventually lead to green grass, yellow flowers and winter wheat sprouting out of the ground. It maybe several months before we see snow again. If this is so, then the beauty of this last snow went off the Richter scale.

The good thing about April snow? It melts much quicker than January snow. In the meantime, I am appreciating the magnifico blanket of white powder covering our lawns, trees, cars and roads. And for this, I am grateful.

Lord God – may a little bit of snow remind us how you created an amazing way to care for the earth. Thanks for making this last snow fall completely magnifico. Help me to appreciate the beauty all around me. Amen.

Blessings –


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