Lent 2018 image AW-page-001Wed., Feb. 14, 2018

While most people will see today as Valentine’s Day, I pray many will also acknowledge today as the beginning of Lent: Ash Wednesday.

It’s the day Christians begin a 40-day pilgrimage towards Easter. It’s a time for us to contemplate our relationship with God: who God is in our lives and what God means to us.

I love this quote by Alicia Britt Chole: Lent is about thinning our lives in order to thicken our communion with God.

Often, Lent is thought of as a time we deprive ourselves of something. I have abstained from sweets during Lent for years. While this is OK, if Lent is only eliminating a food we love, then maybe we are missing some of the intention of Lent. Ultimately, Lent is about providing opportunities for us to feel closer to God.

I’m attaching a link to a “Daily Lent Activity List.” 2018LentList

Provided by Portico Collective, this is a nice list of ways we can maybe think about how God is part of our daily lives in a very practical and real way. I encourage you to print off the list and check off a box each day. This is one of my Lenten priorities.

Father God – thank you for this long-standing tradition of re-examining ourselves during Lent. Teach me something new about You and myself this next 40 days. May you amaze and surprise me daily.  Amen.

Blessings –


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