It’s a Birthday Party!!

Sat., Dec. 24, 2016

Luke 2:16 – So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger.

Our youngest grandson turned 5 right before Thanksgiving. The next time we saw him, he must have told me 10 times, “Did you know I turned 5? It was my birthday!”

It was my birthday. Tonight, we celebrate a special person’s birthday: Jesus’ birthday. What have you done to prepare for his birthday?

Most birthday celebrations have certain things: cake, balloons, presents, candles, guests. I’m looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ birthday tonight with all of those things. For the last number of years, after worship, we have a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party. Just so we don’t forget whose birthday it is.

Our friend Tatev is visiting for a few days over Christmas. She helped make cupcakes for the birthday party. We decorated four different cupcake flavors: chocolate volcano, birthday cake, marble and red velvet. We aren’t expert cupcake makers or decorators. But we got the job done.

I look forward to standing with a bunch of people later today and singing “Happy birthday.” What a party it will be!

Dear God: Finally, it’s time for the birthday party! May we find the true joy of welcoming Jesus into our hearts and homes this night.  Amen.

Today: present your Reverse Advent Box with goodies to the food pantry, your church or someplace else that can use the items you have collected. Jesus says “thank you” for the gift!

Blessings –


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