advent-devotion-calendar-2016foodbankThurs., Dec. 15, 2016

Most of us are pondering whether or not we have our Christmas shopping done. Truth be told, I took a couple hours Tuesday night and “wrapped up” my Christmas shopping. Now, just to get the rest of the gifts literally wrapped …

As I wheeled a cart through Kohl’s looking for the gifts on my shopping list, the image of our present for Jesus came to mind. I thought to myself, “As I buy gifts for others, you can’t forget to buy gifts for Jesus.”

Earlier this Advent, I posted an Advent Devotional with ideas of little things we can do each day to express God’s love to another person. Have you been able to do some of these things? Does sending Christmas cards seem more “important?” They are equally important. The Advent Devotion ideas are a way for us to look beyond our normal Christmas preparations and share a gift back with the One whose birthday we celebrate.

On the Advent Devotion, each day, items are listed such as “toilet paper, soap, can of corn.” I’ve suggested putting these items in a box. On Christmas Eve, take the box to your place of worship as your birthday gift to Jesus. Or donate the box to your local food pantry.

I’ve been putting items in a box every few days. The list is in the box and I see what I have in the house to fulfill various days. I also know I need to make a trip to the grocery store. (This didn’t happen Tuesday night. I ran out of time.) If I can purchase gifts for other people, I can purchase the items I don’t have on the list and share them with Jesus.

When I arrived at one of the churches I serve this week, there was a wrapped box on a table. The note on top indicated this was the Wheeler’s birthday box for Jesus. I immediately took the box and put it under the tree. I’m actually so looking forward to many other boxes arriving on Christmas Eve. I’m hoping we can overwhelm the local food pantry with lots of food given as Jesus’ birthday presents.

Call this my half-point Advent check in. Just making sure Jesus’ name is on our Christmas list. He needs a present also.

Lord Jesus – I’m so looking forward to celebrating your birthday. As I pick out presents for you, place on my heart what you’d really like this Christmas. A few random acts of kindness. A few cans of soup. A few labors of my love. May my giving to you deepen my connection to you this Christmas.  Amen.

 Wednesday’s item for Jesus’ birthday box: salad dressing

Thursday’s item for Jesus’ birthday box: bar of soap

Blessings –


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