Tues., Nov. 2, 2016 

Luke 1:31: “You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus.”  

A recent conversation between our 5-year-old grandson and myself. We were talking about his 4K class at school.

5-year-old       Do you know my teacher?

Me                   I don’t think so. What is her name?

5-year-old       Mrs. Kelly

His 6-year-old sister interjects and tells us her name is Ms. Kelly because she isn’t married.

5-year-old       Her name is Ms. Kelly because she isn’t married.

Me                   No, I don’t know your teacher.

5-year-old       Hey, what’s your last name?

Me                   Vielhuber

5-year-old       (His eyes get very big.) You have the same last name that I do?

Me                   Yes, I do.

5-year-old       How did that happen?

Me                   Am I married?

5-year-old       Yes.

Me                   Who am I married to?

5-year-old       Grandpa.

Me                   What is Grandpa’s last name?

5-year-old       Vielhuber (of course, he has his own special way to say this awful German


Me                   So what is my last name?

5-year-old       Vielhuber. Did you know we have the same last name?

The realization that we have the same last name. Rather shocking to this little 5-year-old.

Names are a big deal. When the angel Gabriel visited a young teenaged girl named Mary in her village of Nazareth, the angel not only told her that she would be giving birth to the Messiah, the angel told Mary what to name the baby. Just to make sure everyone got the same memo about the name, the angel also tells Joseph, Mary’s fiancé, what the baby’s name will be.

In Hebrew, (the language the Old Testament was written in) “Jesus” is the same name as “Joshua” and means “Savior.” Jesus is given this name because he will save the people from their sins. The New Testament is written in Greek. “Jesus” in Greek can be “Savior” or “Messiah.”

It’s no accident that Gabriel tells Mary and Joseph what to name the baby Mary is carrying. His name explains Jesus’ purpose on earth. From before Jesus was born, his purpose on earth was already identified.

Names are a big deal. Over lunch, we then proceeded to continue the name conversation. The 5-year-old’s middle name is Richard. Grandpa’s first name is Richard. Wow! Two big revelations in one day! This Advent, can we be as amazed by the meaning of Jesus’ name as our 5-year-old grandson was that he and I have the same last name?

O Jesus – we may not have the same name as you do. It’s the meaning of your name that should stop us in our tracks and amaze us. Thank you for coming to the be the world’s Savior. Thank you for coming to be my Savior. Amen.

Today’s item for Jesus’ birthday box: a can of green beans.

Blessings –


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