Fri., Nov. 18, 2016

Ecclesiastes 3:1: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

Have a mentioned that we’ve had a simply outstanding fall in Wisconsin? Here it is, mid-November and some places have not had a killing frost yet. A few frosty mornings but the flowers on our covered front porch are still blooming. That’s right. BLOOMING.

If the weather forecasters are correct, the change will come this weekend. Highs in the 30’s, strong winds and a chance of flurries. Old Man Winter is ushering in true Wisconsin Thanksgiving weather just in time for deer hunting and crisp weather on Thanksgiving morning.

I worked from home one morning a few weeks ago on one of those tremendous fall days. When I heard some noise outside, I looked out the front windows. About 15 3-and-4-year-olds were parked on the front lawn. From the nearby daycare, the kids were escorted by a teacher. Several kids clutched plastic grocery bags which held their favorite leaves. How I would have loved to hear the conversation between the teacher and kids as they hung out. I noticed the teacher pointing out various things. While I couldn’t hear what he was saying to the kids, they sure were interested.

Maybe he was sharing why the leaves are changing. Maybe he was reflecting about what he likes about fall. Possibly he was sharing some little antidote with the kids. What amazed me is how quiet the kids sat and listened. It was not a long little sermon. They sure were intrigued with what their leader said.

To everything there is a season, a time for everything under heaven. The next few verses of Ecclesiastes shares a variety of contrasts: life and death; plant and harvest; tear down and build up; weep and laugh; mourn and dance; keep and throw away; silent and speak; love and hate; war and peace.

In our lives, we go through many seasons. The literal changing of the seasons is just a sampling of the variety of seasons in our lives. I pray that when we experience seasons in our lives, we can remember the little kids sitting on the lawn, attentively listening to their leader. May we call upon our leader, our God, to guide us through the season we are experiencing. May we be as intrigued by what lies ahead of us and rely on God to guide us through this time in our lives.

Seasons are simply that: seasons. As fall winds down and we enter winter, we know there is another season after winter: spring. When we’re in one of those challenging seasons of our lives, let us experience hope of another season to come.

Almighty God, we know the promise of many seasons in our lives. Some of those seasons are much easier to enjoy than others. May we see your presence with us in every season of our lives. Amen.

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