My Dad & I

My Dad & I

June 14, 2014

Psalm 103:13

Just as parents are kind to their children, the Lord is kind to all who worship him.

I am a fortunate person. My Dad was a very good role model for me. In light of Father’s Day, I have been reflecting upon what my Dad taught me.

I grew up on a dairy farm. My parents, siblings and I provided most of the labor for our small dairy operation. My Dad taught me about hard work. I was a child who grew up believing that I could accomplish anything I wanted if I simply worked hard. My siblings and I have this work ethic ingrained into our beings. We do work hard. We put in the necessary time to make sure the things we have committed to are completed.

My Dad was honest and told you how he saw things. He wasn’t one to beat around the bush but simply say how he viewed things or what he felt. I have this trait also. At times, I should be more careful in massaging something that I say. Then, I recall how sometimes this happened to my Dad.

My Dad had a litany of one-liners my family often heard. Here are a few:

Me: What color do you think?

Dad: “Purple with pink polka dots.”

Me: What would you like to eat?

Dad: “A pine float” (translated: a toothpick floating in a glass of water.)

Me: Contemplating what to wear …

Dad: “Wear your birthday suit.”

Me: I need a haircut.

Dad: “Get the sheep shearers and I’ll do it.”

This photo is from the early 1970’s. About 18 months ago, my Dad passed away. So many times, I have wanted to pick up the phone and call him. I try to think about what advice he would have given. Or what he would think of a particular situation.

My Dad wasn’t perfect. But he gave me a wonderful foundation. I have two forever Dads: my birth Dad and my heavenly Father.  For this, I am very fortunate.

Lord God, thank you for the important male role models in our lives. May their hearts reflect your heart, O God. Inspire us to be great foundation people for those we love.  Amen.

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