Apr. 22, 2014

Genesis 46:2ite_small

During the night God spoke to him in a vision. “Jacob! Jacob!” he called. “Yes?” Jacob answered.

“Dianne, why do you talk so loud to Grandpa Great?” our little three-year-old Granddaughter Ellie asked me.

Rick and I enjoyed having the three Rock Springs grandkids one day last week. Grandpa Great (Rick’s Dad) likes to see the kids also. We spent most of the day at his house with the three youngest Vielhubers.

Like many retired farmers, Rick’s Dad, Tony, has problems hearing. Despite significant effort in trying to improve his hearing, he still struggles. Out of habit, I speak louder when I talk with him.

We were all at the kitchen table. I don’t remember what I said to Tony. I don’t remember if he heard me. What I remember is Ellie noticed that I talk louder to him than I do with others.

Maybe she thought I was speaking poorly to him. Or maybe that I was yelling?  I tried to quickly assure her I do this only because Grandpa Great doesn’t hear well. I am trying to help him and not hurt him.

This little conversation with Ellie got me thinking. How many times has the Lord God tried a get my attention … and I wasn’t listening? Or I didn’t want to hear what God was telling m? Or I just tune God out? Hmm. Guilty as charged.

Often, people say God does not answer their prayers. I think God answers our prayers far more often that we care to admit or realize. Sometimes, we just don’t have our hearing aids in. Or we purposely don’t like to hear background noise, so we leave them out. Or what we hear isn’t the answer we like, so we simply pretend the information never came our way. I’m afraid that Tony isn’t the only one with a hearing problem. I too have selective hearing.

Lord God, I cannot imagine how many times you’ve tried to speak to me and I failed to listen.  I pray that as Jacob heard your voice when you spoke to him, that I will distinguish and hear your voice above all others. Help me not to use selective hearing when it comes to your voice and guidance in my life. Amen.

Blessings –


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