these 40 days.docxMar. 6, 2014

Colossians 3:23-24

Whatever you do, do it from the heart for the Lord and not for people. You know that you will receive an inheritance as a reward. You serve the Lord Christ. 

For years, I only thought about what I could give up during Lent. The last few years, I have also contemplated what I might do in addition during Lent. How might I serve the Lord more intentionally these 40 days? What are 40 things I can do doing the 40 days of Lent? Or who are 40 people I can help just a little bit each of the 40 days?

A couple years ago, I encouraged people to do a 40 for 40 during Lent. My neighbor, Tina, chose to send 40 cards to 40 different people. I received the last card on Easter Sunday. What a great idea! I envision her carefully choosing those 40 people, some which included kids. I imagine her sitting at her table and crafting a special note to each one. Think of the joy each of those cards brought to a special someone as they opened them.

A 40 for 40 doesn’t have to be the same thing for all 40 people. Today, it could be calling someone. Tomorrow, it could be taking a person to an appointment. Another day, it could be babysitting for a young mom. The possibilities are endless. I envision significant joy that can be felt by people serving others and the people receiving the time and attention.

But there’s one little twist. As much as you may enjoy helping others, let’s focus our energy on doing this as the hands and feet of God. Sometimes it’s hard for people to see God in our world today. What we fail to see is that God often works through very ordinary people; people like you and me.

How might you be the heart of God to others this Lent? It’s not too late to begin a 40 in 40. Capture your feelings about how you serve God this Lent. Write a couple sentences about each experience. And then on Easter Sunday, read them all back. I think you’ll be overwhelmed by how God’s grace abides in this world.

Lord God, place on my heart specific ways to be your hands and feet for these next for days. Daily, provide me with specific opportunities to reflect your love to someone else. May I grasp these opportunities and celebrate them, rather than feeling overwhelmed by them. Amen.

Blessings –


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