stethescopeNov. 11, 2013

1 Samuel 25:6

Say to him, “Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours!”

We often hear, “Don’t take your health for granted.” It is one of Rick’s favorite sayings these days; probably because he needs hip replacement surgery!

Health is relative. Expecting parents often say they just want a healthy baby. How one parent defines “healthy” may not be the same as another person. Eventually, every baby gets sick, whether it’s a cold, teething or something more serious.

My mother-in-law has been ill for the last number of days. We are optimistic she will get out of the hospital soon and continue healing. She has had significant health issues in the last year, ones not to be taken lightly. I think of the people who live with terminal illnesses daily. Some keep a more positive disposition than others. This leads to another saying, “Attitude is half the battle.” Scientific research says those who keep positive about their illness often do better. I am reminded of the woman I know with MS and how she strives for this.

Sometimes people must get sicker before they get better. My sister Debbie had out-patient surgery today. My nephew Zach is having a complicated back surgery tomorrow. They will need recovery time, with the anticipation that surgery will allow for future better health.

Then there is the annoying sickness: the colds, flus and allergies that drag us down and slow us down. Two friends developed colds in the last couple of days. Both called it annoying. There will be lots of this in the months ahead.

What is health to you? Is it being able to do everything you did 20 years ago? Is it being relatively healthy for your stage of life? Is it keeping at bay significant surgeries or terminal illnesses?

When I lived overseas and was invited to a party, there were often lots of toasting. Almost every toast involved wishes for good health. Their health care was decades behind what was available in the United States at the time. Despite all the wonderful discoveries, there continues to be manageable diseases around the world that are epidemics because resources are not properly always.

We’re hearing a lot about American health care and options right now. It’s hard to know what choice is best. What is best for your family is not always best for the next family. How do we negotiate these choices, balancing care for our families with those who do not have adequate health care? Those who need more coverage than they can afford? Those who will have significant health issues in the future and do not know it yet?

Jesus was the Great Physician. There are many different kinds of healing and different kinds of healthy. Yes, I want to be healthy in this life. But I also want to know that someday, I will receive ultimate healing. To me, this is good health. This is my prayer for all of us.

Lord God, we name in our hearts those who have specific health situations right now. And we pray for the most appropriate healing in their lives, granted by you. Give us courage when our health is not top-notch. Teach us to depend upon you for ultimate healing. May we be uplifted and encouraged that Jesus is the Great Physician. Amen.

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