Oct. 14, 2013

Psalm 48:14

For this God is our God forever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.mentor

I am a fortunate person. At different life stages, I have had wonderful mentors guide me and provide wise counsel.

My Dad was a lifelong mentor to me. How many times we talked about significant life events and decisions over the phone. He was wise in not telling me what to do. He knew it was my decision. I miss not being able to call him and discuss things.

In high school, I played at the Fall Creek United Church of Christ Church. The pastor was a woman, the first female pastor I observed. She was also a seminary student. She was a wonderful role model. Through her, I discovered that faith was something I needed to develop for myself. Little did I know that she was the woman who provided an example of what being a female pastor would be like.

While working on my undergraduate degree, I accepted an internship putting together a newsletter for a professional organization. A woman was my supervisor. She became a person I often called upon while I worked in the agricultural marketing/public relations/advertising field. I appreciated a wise voice to provide council and insights as I developed a career after college. We continue to be in contact, which I value and appreciate.

The last several years, I have worked with a retired pastor as a mentor. This man has helped keep me grounded, help me understand how to process things, when to act and when not to act. His decades of experience and insightful personality have truly benefitted me numerous times.

I am very appreciative that I have had these and countless other mentors in my life. These people came into my life at very specific times to provide wisdom, insights and guidance. It would be very difficult for me to identify just how many decisions mentors have appropriately coached me through.

This verse from Psalms reminds us that God is our ultimate mentor. I regularly, no daily, pray for wisdom and guidance from God. I am very much aware that God uses other folks to speak to me. Often, God’s council has come through the mouth of a mentor or someone who provides stability to me. This is very important for my emotional well-being. I thank God for these valuable people.

As important as these mentors are to me, I pray I can be a mentor to someone else. Maybe I can be the voice of God to someone. It is just as important for us to be open to this. This is how God sometimes speaks. It’s important for the emotional well-being of those around us.

Thank you, Almighty God, for the invaluable mentors you have brought into my life.  Thank you for making them to be conduits of your wisdom, knowledge and guidance.  Continue to bring God-seeking mentors into my life. May I also be open to the possibility of being your messenger to someone else. Amen.

Blessings –


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