journalOct. 7, 2013

John 6:15

Jesus knew that the people planned to come and take him by force and make him their king, so he left and went into the hills alone. 

My Grandma used to keep a diary. She would record the weather and any significant events of her day. She kept these for years. Today, writing in a diary is not as cool. Today, we journal.

I have journaled on and off over the years. It depends on whether I make time for it or not. Sometimes I record events of my life. Sometimes I write down meaningful Bible verses. Other times, I record sentences or thoughts I read in a book. I often end with a written prayer.

There have been times when I have not been journaling … and I feel bad. Like I’m a Christian failure. That I don’t measure up. That I’m not doing everything I can to guide my spiritual life. Then I remember. I’m not sure Jesus journaled every day. I’m not sure Jesus journaled at all.

Jesus was very familiar with the Torah – the first five books of our Bible which are also found in the Jewish scriptures. Jesus quoted them so often. As a young Jewish boy, he would have studied them at his local synagogue. As he became a teenager, he memorized chunks of the Torah. As a man in ministry, Jesus did many things to grow his spiritual life. He took time to be with God – just by himself. He regularly prayed and sorted through things with his Heavenly Father. He found ways to specifically nurture his spiritual life.

This is a wonderful example for us. For some Christians, journaling daily can be very meaningful. For others, it isn’t. What we do need are a couple ways we can spend time with God; without distractions and interruptions. We do not have to do these things every day, but it is important that we know how to connect with God.

Tonight I found myself in the car all by myself. While six months ago, this was a daily occurrence, things are different now. Either some of the grandkids, my mother-in-law or my husband are usually riding with me. I tried to listen to a book on tape, but the CD player wasn’t working. I listened to NPR for a while. Finally, I turned off the radio and spent time with God. This is a way I often pondered things as a pastor. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this. I didn’t have a journal ready to whip out and record every significant thought. I didn’t need to. I just needed quiet, uninterrupted time with God.

How do you accomplish this in your life? Do you have a way? When was the last time you made space to just be with God? God’s waiting … don’t keep God waiting forever.

Thank you for the example Jesus modeled of creating time just for you. It’s easy for me to think I don’t have time for this. But then again, am I really busier than Jesus? Whatever is meaningful for me, help me recall this again. Encourage me to carve out tiny spaces to help me grow spiritually with you. Amen.

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