Jan. 5, 2013

Moses said, “The Lord is my strength and my might, and he has become my salvation; this is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.” – Exodus 15:2

About a week ago, I climbed into the Jeep to go to work. As I turned over the engine, it just growled. Then nothing. This was the umpteenth time in the last several weeks this has happened. My ever-so-resourceful husband thought there was a glitch in the electronic system. When he moved the electric driver’s seat (yes, this is for real), the Jeep would start. He told me to simply move the seat. In his opinion, this realigned the electronics and walah! the Jeep would start.

Knowing he would ask me if I moved the seat, I did. Several times. Tried a couple other “Rick tricks.” Nothing. We keep three vehicles (all with over 110,000 miles each) for this reason. Unsure what Rick had driven to work, I discovered the fishing/farm car in the shed. My wheels!

That Friday, Rick and I visited my mother-in-law at the hospital. I knew I was going to my folks on Sunday. I informed my husband that I was not driving the Jeep. We were going car shopping.

This past summer, we’d driven several models but hadn’t agreed on one. On this Friday afternoon with a fresh coat of several inches of snow, we test drove SUV’s, what I really want. We found an acceptable vehicle at the Chevrolet dealer. They offered us a special price until 6 PM. I wanted to drive a new Jeep, like the model we have. About 5 PM, we decided to go to the Jeep dealership. One problem: the Jeep won’t start. Rick moves the seat; turns on and off other buttons to get this supposed electrical glitch working. Nothing. Seriously, we’re sitting at a car dealership and can’t move? After much persistence, it starts.

At the Jeep dealership, Rick jokingly wonders if he should park our Jeep so it can be jump started. We find a beautiful vehicle and given the “Friday Night Special” price. Rick thinks it’s too high. We want to think about it. It’s way after closing time, the only customers left. Everyone is waiting for us to leave. One problem: our 165,000+ miles Jeep won’t even click. All we can do is laugh. Second car dealership, second time we can’t move. Rick actually prays out loud. I’m trying to crawl underneath the front seat. Somehow, it fires up. Rick can’t get out of the parking lot fast enough hoping the sales people haven’t been watching us.

While at the hospital, our brother-in-law convinced Rick maybe the Jeep needed a new battery. We’re off to Farm & Fleet. Inside, we run into Rick’s son and two grandkids. Waylan asks if he can stay at our house. We get Waylan’s car seat and the new battery loaded up. After multiple times of the car not starting, Waylan asks Grandpa why the car won’t start. I say I’m tired of being the Clampitt’s. Rick wonders if he will have to go back into Farm & Fleet, buy the appropriate wrench and replace the battery in the parking lot. Waylan is hungry, where are we going to stop for supper? I just want to have a vehicle that starts. After what seems like a long time, the Jeep starts. Whew! Once again, Waylan questions where we’re getting supper. Almost in union Rick and I answer, “Where we can keep the Jeep running.”

Who charges your battery? Does your battery get run down and sometimes need recharging? What are the best ways to recharge your battery? Have you done this lately or does your battery remind you of us sitting at the dealership? Do Moses’ words inspire you to know where your strength lies?

Too often we let ourselves run out of spark. Or we’re more like the dead battery than the fully charged battery. I pray that throughout this year, we will find our strength so much in you, Lord God.  Amen.

Blessings –




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