Dec. 27, 2011

Hebrews 10:10

And it is by God’s will that we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

On December 25, one of my Facebook friends made this posting:

Today’s the day my God was born.

I absolutely love this!

Recently, Rick and I watched the move “Seven Pounds.” We had no clue what this Will Smith film was really about. Smith portrays himself an IRS audit person who selects seven people to help: seven people who have terminal illnesses. He physically gives a bit of himself to each person to help them deal with their physical ailment.

A problem arises when he develops strong feelings for one woman he plans to help. Does he forgo his plan to help all the people so that he can have a relationship with this woman?

It’s a very provocative movie. While it moved slowly in the beginning and we were trying to figure out the plot line, we hung in there and were glad we did.

Ever since we watched the movie, I’ve thought about how this man ultimately gave of himself to change seven other people’s lives: eyes for a blind man, bone marrow for a young boy, part of his liver for an older woman, and his heart for a woman are examples of what he does. He makes huge sacrifices … combined sacrifices most human beings would not be willing to make.

There is one example of a human being who did this and much more. Who? Jesus.

Last summer, we learned a song at Vacation Bible School called, “He Gave.” It quickly became a favorite song for some of us leaders. Here are the words:

Lord, I want to be, please to you in everything I do.

And I want to love you more,

More than yesterday, more than words can say.

‘Cause you gave your life, You lived and died for me, for me.

You paid the price, You sacrificed for me, for me.

Now the least that I can do

Is live my life for you.

Christ was born, lived his life and gave up his life sacrificially just for you and me. For me, this is a significant part of the Bible’s message, the reason I serve as a pastor and why I try and live my life the way I do. Jesus sacrificed so much for me, the least that I can do is to live my life for him.

Let us pray: Come, Thou long expected Jesus, Born to set Thy people free. From our fears and sins release us; Let us find our rest in thee. Amen.  

Blessings –





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