Perspective During Very Warm Days

Gratitude Day 305

Sat., July 20, 2019

Jonah 4:8 – As the sun rose higher in the sky, God sent a very hot east wind to blow, and the sun became so hot on Jonah’s head that he became very weak and wished he were dead. He said, “It is better for me to die than to live.”

It’s been a HOT week in Wisconsin!! I saw an image on Friday that the temperature was like 150 degrees warmer than exactly 6 months ago. Heat index on Friday? Like 105. Six months ago? Wind chill factor was at least -45.

Hubby Rick was one of those complaining six months ago about the cold. Well, in reality, everyone was. When coming home from work early one morning, the temperature gage on the car registered -38. Without the windchill factor. This was the lowest temperature he had EVER seen in his (cough) 65-years.

I don’t like the cold … but I’m not sure +105 heat index is my cup of tea either. We have a beautiful old house … with hot water heat. This means our house lacks duck work for traditional central air. Yes, I know there are alternatives. I just haven’t convinced my heat-loving husband that it’s worth the investment. He’d rather hone-up the heating system.

And so, our only air conditioner is a window unit that we have in the dining room on the main floor. Our bedroom and my office are on the second floor. It’s been a tad bit warm there this week. I have fans going. I kept the windows closed during the day and open only when it has cooled off at night to let in some cooler, fresh air. But it’s still HOT. Friday afternoon, I brought my laptop and work downstairs and set-up shop on the dining room table. Right in front of the window air conditioner.

On the other hand, Rick is LOVING every minute of these days. Yes, he loves HOT. He loves HUMIDITY. Yes, he’s not completely sane. He doesn’t mind showering four times a day. I prefer life when I feel dry after toweling post shower. These days, I don’t.

And yet, I’m reminded that life really could be SO. MUCH. WORSE. What about the people who are feeding farm animals in the awful heat? Been there, done that. Not fun. Or the days when we baled hay on a terribly hot day like we’ve had this week? Almost suffocating trying to stack those little square hay bales in a very warm barn with little or no breeze.

Anyone who has worked an outdoor job this week needs the weekend off. Seriously. But I know that not everyone who works these types of jobs will have this luxury.

We weren’t one of the 12,000 people who live in downtown Madison who lost all electricity on Friday when two transmitters for the local gas and electric company started on fire. Those folks didn’t have electricity all day yesterday, including many businesses. Imagine having to move all the refrigerated food in a grocery store really quick.

I know I’m dating myself … but there was no AC in the old farmhouse where we grew up. Car air conditioning was rolling down the windows (with an actual knob that cranked) and driving 60 miles/hour down the road.

Rick and I had a conversation about what it must be like to live in Bagdad or some dessert place where it’s over 100 all summer long. Yes, there isn’t the humidity like we have. But do the people ever tire of the heat, day after day? Rick wants to move there and find out. For like six months. Seriously.

I’m not convinced I want to tag long for more than a week or two.

I know we aren’t the only part of the U.S. that has experienced heat in the summer. I’m not ready to move to Kansas or Texas or Atlanta and live there in June, July and August. Rick would love to do so; right after Bagdad.

The heat is to break today, which is Saturday. And for the next 10 days, we’ll all have to find something else to talk about other than the heat. We’ll open our windows and go for walks outside and drink peach iced tea on our porches. And we’ll recall those dog days of summer from last week.

It’s summer. It’s supposed to be hot. It’s supposed to be humid. And I just thank God that we have days like these so when 80 degrees rolls around, we think about getting a jacket out after the sun goes down.

For warm days that help me keep perspective, I am grateful.

Lord God – please be with those who are experiencing hot, humid and not dealing so well with it. Please be with those who may not have a cool place to cool down. Please with those who work outside and can’t escape the elements as easily as some others. Please help us keep perspective. Amen.

Blessings –


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Gratitude Day 53 – The Growth of Beauty

queen anne's laceWed., May 30, 2018

Isaiah 40:8 – The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”

Look at these Bridal Wreath shrubs. Simply stunning. Even Hubby Rick thought so. We went for a bike ride on Monday and rode past them. (FYI – Rick fixed the back tire of my bike. The nubby, hard to ride tire has been replaced with the normal hybrid tire. Much better!) While Rick is not really a flower connoisseur, even he remarked how beautiful they are.

The last four days in Wisconsin have been hot. Blistering hot for us. Four days of 90+ weather. While this may be normal in other parts of the U.S., this is highly unusual for us in May. Like maybe the first time ever?

Winter ran very late this year.  We skipped spring completely and went right to summer. The flowers aren’t quite sure what season it is. So many have bloomed in the last few days. Just like this bank of Bridal Wreath.

This picture isn’t from our house. We took a little detour and rode past them because they were so stunning. Rick suggested we plant a hedge of these in our yard. He thought they would look great! Yes, he is right. I gently reminded him that this hedge took years to grow. Years.

Likewise, faith takes years to grow. Years. Yes, faith can accelerate and take off. However, the more contemplative, deep-rooted faith which does not get easily shaken takes more than a few full moons to develop.

If you feel like the depth of your faith is not where you would like it to be, do not become discouraged. The Bridal Wreath didn’t grow overnight. Neither may your faith.

Feel like you have years of faith under your belt and it still gets tested? Not to worry. We quickly find a whole bunch of people in the Bible who should have known better … and didn’t. David, Solomon, Elijah, Peter are just a few names that come quickly to mind. I left off a whole bunch more possibilities.

There are days when our faith may be at its peak and it is a beautiful display. Other days, our faith cannot seem to find a way to get up and make it out of bed. And this is OK.

No matter where your faith is today, it’s OK. God is with you right where you are. God will be with you. God’s word will endure today, tomorrow and the next day. Even after the beautiful flowers have faded away.

For this, I am grateful.

Lord God – may we be amazed at the beauty to grace our world with. May we strive to bring beauty through our actions to our little corner of the world. When our faith is not as stellar, may we simply be sustained by Your word, which never ends. Amen.

Blessings –


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